Sunday, July 06, 2008

ReC!Pe: Gunkan Sushi

Gunkan Sushi

Tuna GunkanGunkan means battleship in Japanese. In sushi, gunkan indicates a clump of sushi rice wrapped with a strip of nori (seaweed) to form a "vessel" and topped with ingredients. The toppings are usually some soft, loose, or finely-chopped ingredients.

What You Need:
Tezu (Bowl of cold water, 1 tablespoon of rice vinegar added)
Sushi Rice (See here)
Nori, toasted and cut into 2 1/2-cm strips

Toppings are again up to your creativity or you can always take a trip down to a nearby Sushi King / Sakae Sushi to get some ideas ;) Suggested toppings are:
  • Chuka kurage (Seasoned jellyfish) , Chuka chinmi (Seasoned scallops), Chuka likado (Seasoned baby octopus)
  • Tuna/Salmon flakes
  • Ebiko (Fish roe)
  • Corn (without the cob of coz!)
  • Crabsticks, minced and mixed with mayonnaise
What To Do:Battleships in a row!
  1. Moisten hand with the tezu. Take 1 tablespoon of rice and form into an oval shape.
  2. Place the rice oval on a flat surface and wrap a strip of the nori around its sides, leaving the top and bottom uncovered. Note that the nori should be about 1cm taller than the rice it is wrapped around so that there's space for the toppings later on.
  3. Continue with the remaining rice, wrapping each with a strip of nori.
  4. Spooned the ingredients onto the gunkan. Serve with wasabi and soy sauce.

And we are ready, battleship GO! ^_^

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mELbiEpiE said...

wOw......very impressive indeed...hehe....I now declare that MY is my sushi sifu....must show me how to do it when i go back.... *_^ After the teaching session, we then partai with sushiiiiiiiiiiissss....=D

Catherine said...

Haha..pix can be deceiving one :P

Sure, if you come back, let's make some! But if sushi king ada RM2 promotion, I think we better head for that LOL...

Eng Seng said...

I didn't know you can Gunakan Sushi like that... Would be nice if you can put some of the Japanese characters here: 軍船

Catherine said... I have to learn up japanese characters too? LOL hmmmm

well, this is kinda like the last sushi recipe I know so I'll keep ur suggestion for when I have more Japanese dishes to share k ;)

or and its G-U-N-K-A-N, not gunakan :P

Eng Seng said...

Hehe, just pulling your leg... And "gunkan" matches up with the characters nicely. Makes the names easier to remember, by the way.

tango said...

How do you make both ends of the nori strip stick together after wrapping the rice?

Catherine said...

you can use a little tezu at the end of the nori and it should stick :)

p/s: jst like how you would glue a roll of paper together, with one end overlapping the other slightly ;)

Soo Huey said...

i havent read all your sushi blogs, but i must say... you very crazy sushi loh!!!!!!

Catherine said...

hahah..too bad you weren't in penang to join us for the Sushi King's all-plates-on-kaiten-belt-for-RM2-each outing.

There's one coming in Oct. The last one was in apr (i think) when Bee was around and we had such a fun time dining at Sushi King...peen,pat,syin,karen,bee, pklin, n me ;)

i'll take pix this time if ada to tempt u k kekek :P:P

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