Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost No More

The curtain has finally fallen after 6 roller-coaster years. But not before giving the chance for almost all the characters to take a final bow with many-a-bittersweet moments.

Things weren't always how they were perceived to be. Not everything made perfect sense.

There was drama, there were surprises, shocks. Mostly there were a lot of tears.

And I'm glad it ended the way it did. Because if this is where we all are headed, then The End might not be so bad afterall...

P/S: Now just let The Vampire Diaries, etc start back already!

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Mindy said...

So so so... what happened in the end? I gave up following the rollercoaster in season 4 i think. the season where they went back to civilization. I'm still curious to know what the whole thing was about. I'll google the ending when i'm free. :D

Catherine said...

o_O Why did you give up? Should have faith. Stick till the end and you shall be rewarded :P

where's the fun if you jst google and read, rite?
never too late to catch up ;)

Mindy said...

Is the ending really good enough to go back following the show? i dropped out at the end of season 3. Means I've got another 3 more season till the conclusion.

Catherine said...

Hehe ask a fan and there's only 1 answer, rite? :P

but just to let you know, not all questions were answered...

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