Sunday, July 20, 2008

Project MOV3 - Furnishing, Furnishing, Furnishing

One exciting thing about moving is the planning of furnishings a.k.a what's best for the living room, dining area and most importantly, my room :P

Strategizing was easy; getting the measurements, browsing catalogs and get cracking on how best to utilize space while potraying in the mind's eye to see if it'll fit and of coz whether it'll look good. I'd even drafted it all out like an interior designer's blueprint with exact scale measurements ;)

Next came the hunt which was tiring. Imagine spending 13.5 hours in IKEA alone (that's equivalent to 1 and half day's work..) Only thing is one has money coming in while the other's only got money flowing out! Yup, I am officially broke..

Last but not least, the most exhausting and time-consuming process of all; the Lego-building. Too bad in reality, it wasn't as easy as stacking up Lego blocks. So do D-I-Y furnitures give you that extra satisfaction when you finally stand there and look at the final outcome?

Boxes, boxes, boxes Bookcase, bookcase, bookcase Wardrobe, wardrobe, wardrobe

Well, after 3 days of uncountable screwing, nailing, carrying as well as numerous bruises cum scratches for memories, yes, I am proud to say that I am satisfied with the furnishings and totally loving my new room :D

Before After

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Soo Huey said...

ooh... can def see that the room is now furnished compared to the empty room the last time.

but can we see a bigger view than the opening of the door?! wanna see more pics of your DIY work!

LG said...

cool to see the transformation! :)

mELbiEpiE said...

Nice......well done MYing~!!! I'm sure your room will look great and don't invested in your room is one of the most worth while spending on earth....

I can't wait to see your room next year~!!! =D


Catherine said...

haha thanx, gals =D

yeah bee, with that investment, I am going to hibernate in my room d! LOL

keke shuey, just to let u have a feel only so that you will come back to visit me and stand there in person to look at the room puas-puas ma :P


Ciyou said...

hei meiying,

U have move to KL?? Seens Ikea is in KL. Is that your new house? Cool work on it, I hope I do the same thing for my craft room when I buy a house later

Catherine said...

Nah..still in good ol' penang :)

thanx, i'm sure your craft room will be great ;)

Soo Huey said...

ei, meiying.. dunno when baru i'll b back in penang leh. wanna see pic of the brand new room before it gets messy!

plus i've known you for so long, never ever been in your house. later same with this house how?!

Catherine said...

aiks..i tot 2009? kena defer ar?

haah eh, do i look like a messy girl to you? :P:P my room will probably look the same for a few yrs to come still-la..see la ada more pix time will post up okie ;)

kekkeke i dunno y u nvr stepped into my house before, u nvr came to pai nee once ar..kakaka alwiz drove by to pick me up nia..when u are finally back, make sure the first thing u do is come into my house! =D

Soo Huey said...

hmm... first thing i do...... means straight from airport to your hse izit? ok, be prepared, 29th Dec 2008 (maybe)!

Catherine said...

*starts counting dwn and striking off each day of the calendar :D

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