Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How Far Will You Go?

The Kite RunnerIt's been a while since I finished a book in one seating. Okay, maybe 2 seatings... but only because I started at 11pm the night before and had to force my eyes off the pages after the clock strucked 3!

From the very first sentence right up to the last full stop, I was gripped. I followed every single word, every single laughter, every single tear, every single fear. It is the life of Amir we followed but it is the life of Hassan, who is destined to be of a lower class from the day he was born a Shi'a, that completes the book. It is about friendship, cowardice, betrayal, loyalty and more, beginning from a peaceful Afghanistan backdrop in the 70s through to what Afghanistan is today - war-torn.

I must admit I had to stop for a breather and wipe those tears when Amir found out what happened to Hassan, 15 years after he left Afghanistan for America. A marvellous read and definitely one I will not forget in a long time.

"For you, a thousand times over."

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P/S: They are making this into a movie so hopefully the impact will be as good as the book.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you like this..... was hoping u can read it earlier..

Catherine said...

Haha the book had to wait its turn in queue but at least I've read it now...

thanx for the book!

tango said...


I have this book keep in my car's dashboard compartment for quite a while now. My initial intention was to read a few pages when I got stuck in the traffic jam. Hahaha...
Always wish to allocate more times to finish it but I always tied up with other more 'important' stuffs. Sigh...
Kudos to you when I knew that you finished the book in 2 seatings. Do you know some kind of speed reading, don't you?
If I am not mistaken, the shortest time I took to finish a book is in 4 days and the book is the Da Vinci Code.



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Catherine said...

Keeping a book in the car, lol that's original though most of the time I would be channel-surfing instead ;)

Yeah, I have "important stuffs" to do too, that's why my book pile is growing higher by the day! But no, I don't speed-read or at least I don't think I do..I was just too gripped to let go of the book lol.

tango said...

Hey, I have finished the book 4 days ago. Now, I have no more book to read liao...Sigh...Let you know which part really touched me in this book when I am back.

Take care ya!

Catherine said...

So did you finish the book in 1 seating or what? no worries ler, u have lots of sceneries to see, books can be read any time..

alrite have fun!

tango said...

I completed the book in 4 seatings. I found myself grabbing the book to read when I woke up at the morning in the guesthouse and also continue reading when I came back into the room to rest at the afternoon.

There are 2 parts in this story which really touched me...
1. When Amir found out who Hassan is and what happened to him.
2. When Amir's wife, Soraya, accepted Sohrab into the family when Amir called her.

The story should get 6 stars!

Have you ever imagined what the picture of the book cover, which you have there in your blog, tries to show?
Guess who the kid is?

Catherine said... least you weren't too gripped to let go of the book, else you might just miss some nice istanbul shots ;)

Yeah, totally a max star-rating book..and the max was only 5 :P

Hmm..the cover is how everything really started which did made the impact stronger somehow but nop, no idea who the kid is..

It's a shame though, the movie did not make that much an impact as what the cover did...

tango said...

To me, the photo of the book shows Amir is hiding at the corner and peeping when Hassan is being bullied by Assef.
So, I think the kid is Amir.

Catherine said...

LOL of coz the kid is Amir! Dats y it was such an impact as it was the beginning of everything...

I thought you were asking the actual name of the kid posing for the cover..:P

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