Friday, August 07, 2009


A killer headache
A want-to-vomit-feeling
A long, long traffic-jam drive home

Exhaustion has finally begun its protest march.

*Auto-hibernate mode, pleaaassseeee take over..

2 tots:

CK said...

hahahah headache? asprin.... want to vomit feeling? just throw everything out lar..... traffic jam... i tot tat is expected on fridays? finally? hahhahaa so b4 this ur not exhausted? hmmmmn.... hibernation is here for u enjoy the weekend...

Catherine said...

traffic felt double worse with something pounding in my head and dat vomit feeling ma..

exhaustion finally reached overdrive dats y protested big time d kua

but thank goodness, a half hr nap managed to appease them *phew

YES, weekend!!

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