Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nice Song, "Nice" Style

My cousin sis introduced me to this song by Phantasmagoria, and suddenly I'm opened up to the world of VKei or Visual Kei, Japan's latest style craze (which my cousinz are very much into). Not my kinda style though with all the dyed hair, heavy make-up, black/red nails, ear/nose/lips studs, and especially the dressing..male/female alike. Watch the clip and you'll know what I mean.

Yup, they are all guys, and they aren't the only band out there. With names like Phantasmagoria, Dir en Grey, Gazzette, Alice Nine, etc., they are definitely not everyone's cup of tea. This particular song "Eternal Silence" is nice though, love the music. So if you ever see ppl in Malaysia (Sg. Wang area, I believe) that looked like they got dressed in the dark (no pun intended =P), you know where they got their ideas from..

P/S: Let me know what you think ;)

My rating: (only for the song..lol)

2 tots:

Anonymous said...

I will give 3 stars.
The song is attracting at the start, but end up feel a bit dull with the music.

Just my personal view :)

Anonymous said...

Phantasmagori is disband soon , but i will support them !!!

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