Monday, August 18, 2008

Aug Meet-up @ Miraku

Miraku Restaurant @ G Hotel

Met up with the girls last Saturday. The side reason was to celebrate Pat, Ee Lyn as well as yours truly's bdays but the main thing was to catch up. We planned this 3 weeks ago actually LOL, yup, that's how "bz" some of us are....

The venue was Miraku Restaurant @ G Hotel. Peen fwded us the brochure and the set meals caught our eyes! The prices were kinda OK too seeing that it was a restaurant in a hotel..

Fast fwd and we were all sitting at the table waiting for our meals to come..noticeably missing was Peen :P - she was still doing facial then I guess..keke. We had a hard time deciding what to order as some of us felt the portions looked huge and we might not finish it on our own. Also, each set meal comes with appetizers and desserts.

Appetizers Dessert

Shu-Yin and I decided to share the Miraku Gozen and ala-carte dish, Futomaki. Pat and Karen shared the mini version of Miraku Gozen, the Sushi Zen which comes with assorted sushi as well as two temakis.

Miraku Gozen had everything common in a Japanese meal..there's sashimi, assorted nigiri sushi, tempura, grilled fish (which both Shu-Yin and I didn't know how to eat till "clean-clean" coz both of us have our nitemares of fish bones stucked in our throats when we were young! *ouch), miso soup, chawan mushi, salad, red-bean jellies, etc.

Miso Soup & Chawan Mushi Futomaki

Futomaki on the other hand was hand-rolled sushi with a bunch of ingredients..unagi, kanpyo, denbu, etc. The description was what made us ordered in the first place - we wanted our money's worth :P - And indeed it was..huge roll cut into 8-pieces and was the yummiest dish of the night for me :D

The rest of the dishes were OK. Ee Lyn gave her Tori Teriyaki Zen a 3 or 4 out of 10 only. However service wise was kinda bad. We were like invisible guests that night. No one waiter /waitress came on their own to refill our teas. We had to ask every single time...!

Overall it was a fun night out. And we have decided to make this a once-a-mth thing with each of us taking turns to organize as well as to suggest the makan place. Next is Shu-Yin's turn!

My Rating: (for the food + service)

P/S: For more pix, check out the photo album in my facebook ;)

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Anonymous said...

i dont think we were really dat invisible dat nite.. we were loud n i believe they were just waitin for us to leave the place :P

and yes service sux big time!!!!!

mELbiEpiE said...

Niceeeee...........we have to go again next year February~! =D


Catherine said...

LOL..yeah, I still remembered an uncle from another table kept looking our way when pat was trying to take pix with Shu-Yin, me, and our grand Miraku Gozen..coz Pat was so luan haha, "y i no chopstick keh?" :P

But the food presentation and environment are nice though..jst service needs improvements.

haha Bee, see whose turn it is to organize when you are back in Feb (i think its back to Peen)..and you can join in the fun then *winks

tanshuyin said...

wah MY, u damn efficient. So fast pics uploaded to facebook and ur blog dee. Sigh..u make me damn pressured! hahahha.

niway, i will still take my own sweet time. Hehe. :P

Catherine said...

hahah i din have a bz weekend like somebody did ma :P

anyway thanx for finally uploading the pix ya :D

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