Monday, April 05, 2010

Confessions of a "slacking" Bookworm

Tree of Books

I felt the urge to read tonight.
I stared at the books lined up on the shelves. Which one should I pick?

Somehow it felt good staring at them fingers running through the titles - some still in their plastic wrappings.

Must be the effect of reading about the book by Susan Hill; Howards End Is On The Landing: A Year of Reading From Home.
"Susan Hill had been looking for her copy of Howard's End and as she struggled to locate it she realised that amongst the books on the landing there were at least a dozen that she had never read; this made her re-evaluate how she read and she decided to spend a year reading only books that were on her shelves.." - Allan Gordon

" explore her collection and find new books to read in it, to re-discover lost gems and re-read favourites.." - Annabel Gaskell
I kinda am in the same situation. I have books unread, books long forgotten, books that might never see the light of day again..guess I have a lot of catching up to do huh.

Well, I certainly wouldn't mind having the luxury to take a year off to read tho! But I'll have to continue adding to my book collection; I Need that tax rebate ;)

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Eng Seng said...

How about horror novels?

Catherine said...

I just picked up one; Brian Freeman - Stalked

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