Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Sire

Having heard of the place for a while now (probably years), we decided to walk in one night out of the blue to discover...

A nice place for quiet evenings; surrounded by eastern-western mix & match decorations and paintings. There's suppose to be a mini museum too somewhere on the 2nd floor but was too lazy to snoop around.

Appealing food; but it wasn't the best best mushroom soup for me (high marks on the presentations definitely). The lamb turned out quite rare - almost like "lamb-sashimi" - but lucky thing it did not have that pungent smell/taste that comes with lamb/mutton. Indeed the meat was actually pretty juicy and tender. Oh, and each meal came with in-house complimentary toasted cheese baguettes too which were crunchy and tasted good (but I guess cheese-haters would agree to disagree - and yes, I do mean you, miss-pretty-busy *lol). 

So there you go...The Sire  - checked! :)

P/S: Actually make that a double check....french onion soup is tasty and while the lemon grass chicken was palatable, it isn't a dish that will make me go back.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

I hope

~ even if one of them happens to be an active volcano still

Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 was the year

  • with many changes; some doors were closed, other windows were opened, a blog layout was revamped, Lost was no more ...
  • olio pasta officially became a favourite - though mushroom soup still unbeatable at #1 - with home-made attempts too
  • where series & movies continued to be a big part of my rot-at-home routine. Not forgetting the lovely, lovely animes that had me repeating their soundtracks over and over and over..
  • I thought I'd read too little too few for the bookworm that I am but hey, I managed 12 (better than the 10 in 2009!)
  • I did a number of crazy stuff like 
    • going back to Europe & felling in love with it all over again, 
    • covered almost the entire of Rome on foot, tracing the Path of Illuminati (kinda limping toward the end), and 
    • finally fulfilling my lifetime dream of watching a Champions League match featuring Manchester United and David Beckham
  • I experienced SNOW for the first time in my life and would love snow until the day I find myself stuck in a blizzard or something so that I might be able to understand why my friend in Chicago hates winter so much ☺
  • my sleeping program went a little bonkers; from waking up early in the morning on weekends to needing naps right after dinner to can't-keep-my-eyes-open-nights..
  • I won something from a radio station for the first time (and had to sing on air even though it wasn't part of the rules) but waited till the cows had all gone home before I finally had that Boyzone album in my hands
  • I wished that some things were simpler, were different, were better, or that some things could be rewind (On that account, RIP my VCR. You have served me well) 
  • where pictures spoke a thousand words and quotes drew a hundred pictures
  • INCEPTION became a household word 
  • I had an advertorial published in The Star newspaper with a frame and an empty magic dust pouch to go with it.
  • my collection of "Beckham" jerseys were completed. [And no, no Chelski please ~!]
  • I enjoyed many tea-drinking & macchiato sessions, just taking in the views and savoring the moments
  • my iPhone became the camera-that-I-never-brought-out
  • my car decided to die on me to earn a night in a deserted parking lot. "You should be thankful your tyres were still intact!" *shaking index finger with disapproved frown
  • I learnt that if Plan A fails, there's always Plan B, C, D, E...well, you know how the alphabets go LOL

2011 is the year with much more to come; the good, the bad, the start, the end. So let's inhale and life goes on. C'est La Vie ~

HaPpY NeW yEaR 2011!