Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 Was The Year

  • of learning and a year of exposure which also made it one of my busiest year yet with late nights and a couple of weekends thrown in for good measure. As the Cantonese saying goes "zou dou mou teng thao"... [do till cannot breath]
  • I made the resolution to write more but though I was lagi [even more] least active in my blog (only 10 posts compared to my supposedly-least-active-year-2012 of 16), I'd liked to think I made up for it from that 50 odd pages of strategic cum research paper complete with diagrams, charts and what-nots that I had to churn out in a mere fortnight...also not to forget the occasional messages, speeches, and announcements I had to crack my head on...
  • I got to view Pearl of the Orient's skyline from the sea, thanks to a complimentary boat ride from my ami d'enfance ^.^
  • I had no choice but to discontinue mes cours de français, no thanks to the 9am Sat classes. With my weekdays' load, grilling Sat mornings proved too much for my brain to absorb. Still looking to pick up where I left off someday so in the meantime I'll just have to teach myself bits and pieces lest I forget.
  • I had great meetups with cousins be it the annual CNY K-session or the birthday celebrations...definitely a tradition I intend to practice for as long as possible.. Thank you, guys & gals, you are the best!
  • of the failed 2013 monthly calendrier wallpaper initiative - it only lasted till February LOL
  • of the chai latte craze..yumz!
  • I did not fly far, only KL...hmm perhaps next year? *fingers crossed
  • the cash register did quite a few ka-chings *grins
  • Jayden aka Captain Cool aka Chi Lam won the hearts of many..yes, it's Team Jayden all the way!
  • of one of the best series' seasons ever; from the heartwarming and touching episodes of HIMYM and Bones to the teary episodes of Glee (RIP Cory) to the gripping and shocking episodes of Walking Dead, Revenge, and GoT to the super funny BBT....need I say more?
  • my golden couple Ian & Nina was no more :(
  • football bid adios to the 2 most impactful individuals in my football-watching history; Becks & Sir Alex, I salute you both for all the great footballing moments you gave us. It was you who got me hooked in the first place and I will forever treasure that once in a lifetime experience; Champions League 2010. San Siro. MU vs AC Milan. [Though I openly wish that you guys were still in the game, particularly when one Moyes is not living up to what a chosen one should be..]
  • I won my first ever photography contest.
  • of good books (I managed 9), great stories and an awesome quote; "Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten" - Neil Gaiman.
  • of great movies and beautiful animes..think Gatsby, Silver Lining Playbook, Hunger Games 2, Despicable Me 2, Secret World of Arrietty, From Up On Poppy Hill, L'Illusionniste, The Music Never Stopped, This Is The End..and the list goes on.
  • of the minion fever and moi's got a few 'baboi' to show as well (but on to the Tesco's Heroes & Friends now :P)
  • of The Mouse Trap *winks
  • I danced on stage for the first time in a very long time...
  • I got a Note 10.1 for Xmas ho ho ho...
  • of the iOS7 upgrade *hooray!
2014 is a year of big plans. A year where every step counts. A year to start it right. So here's to a clear year ahead and a note to self: dragons CAN be beaten! C'est La Vie~ 

HaPpY NeW YeAr 2014!

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sippingsoda said...

Happy New Year yo! Write more.

Catherine said...

Happy New Year to you too! Will try!

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