Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paranormal Activity

So I decided to watch Paranormal Activity after in possession of the film for >1/2 a year (I first heard it in Oct '09). Actually I only thought about watching it after the trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 came out. Ppl whom  I'd mentioned the film to, well, I think most of them had already watched it and their feedbacks were...

..they fast forwarded through the boring bits and just looked out for the scary scenes ~duh

Because it was meant to be home video aka documentary style, there were indeed some boring dialogue parts. Anyway I was determined not to do any fast forwarding so I could actually listen to them talking and better understand the whole movie. I wasn't looking for some cheap scare, no sir, I wasn't. Not went I was sitting about 2-3 feet away from the screen just to be safe.

[spoilers beware]
In truth the film isn't really that frightening. First, you don't actually see the "thing", its just the happenings that convinces you there is a "thing" there. Slamming doors, blinking lights, swaying chandelier..you get the drift. But of course if I had had experienced any one of the above, trust me I would not be staying there for 2 weeks trying to capture it on camera! And just 2 person in an entire house...BIG mistake. 

The most creepy for me would be the leg-pulling scene. Totally unnerving.

Also I din particularly like the part Micah showed Katie something he found about some Dianne who was possessed in the 60s. How on earth was he able to find a clip of the girl chewing her own arm off? An no one to stop her but just continued recording away? Disturbing yes but didn't really make sense. 

When I was done, a friend asked me how it was and mentioned something that I had no idea at all. I was like "Uh, no I never saw that scene..maybe you saw something "extra"?" *nervous laughter

Turns out there are actually 3 different endings to the same movie! There's the original ending (which I watched), the theatrical ending (by Spielberg), and then there's another with some throat-slitting. If you'd only watched one, I recommend watching all 3 just for the fun of it *winks

How this low budget film is one of the biggest scare in America beats me. They should watch more Asian horror films and I don't mean those American-remakes. Perhaps Paranormal Activity 2 might overcome that since I saw something in there.

Still, you won't catch me filming anything at night anytime soon....

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Dandelion said...

o_0 a girl chewing her own arm off?? leg pulling scene??! gulp! *nervous laughter how could u asked me to read this??!! my imagination starts running wild di..grrrr :P gotta sleep now..bye! XD

Wong Nguk Sing said...

Sounds like another brainless teenagers + scary movie...

Catherine said...

oh no, far from being a brainless teenagers slash scary movie...it is something supernatural and meant to be creepy just it wont cause you, the viewers to have a heart attack. but if you were to experience it first hand, you'll still be scared to death :P

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