Friday, September 14, 2007

Sushi Week

It's that time of the year again for Sushi King's RM2 promotion where all plates on the Kaiten Belt go for only RM2 each (Normal price ranges from 2-6bucks depending on the color of the plates.)

PS and I couldn't resist the temptation and decided to go on Tuesday evening. It was already 7.30pm by then and there was quite a crowd waiting at the door; even our names had to be on the 2nd page of the waiting list! Nothing we could do but wait.......when this dude in front of us (who was with two other friends, a guy and a gal) turned around and asked "How about we join up and get a table? And you can pay 10% of what we eat later on.", kind of in a its-the-best-idea-i'm-such-a-genius-your-loss-if-you-don't-agree tone.

Actually, we didn't hear him the first time but when we did the 2nd time, it was an obvious NO! Even after he said the 10% part is just a joke, it was still a NO! Why? As simple as 1-2-3:

Chuka Kurage (Jelly Fish)1) People usually come in a company of a minimum of 2 (There are people who came alone but that's another story.) Unless you have 4 people or more, you don't get to sit at booth-like tables but only at the sushi bar. There are more seats on the sushi bar than there are tables.

2) If you do the math, the probability of a 2 ppl company finishing their meals first is by far much higher than a party of five. Reason being, you only need 2 plates of each type of sushi for 2 person, whereas you need 5 plates of the same for the latter. And trust me, it's NOT easy to get 5 plates of the same sushi in one go, especially when it is unagi, or sake you are looking for (unless you are really, really, really lucky.)

Ebiko (Fish Roe)3) So to agree to such a deal as joining up for a table is absurd, and to entertain the idea of paying 10% of their meal is hilarious!

Though we said No, that we'd rather wait, the dude tried to convince us by saying you never know, the table might be empty first, or there might be 3 vacant seats first, think carefully, it's a chance of a lifetime (Okay, maybe I added the last 4 words but that was what he made us felt.) Well, if this guy is in Sales line, I'm afraid he might not make it very far LOL. To make a long story short, two vacant seats showed up and eventhough there were 3 groups in front of us, including the dude's group, all of them were made up of 3-ppl. They have a choice to split 2/1 but none wanted (Imagine the "lucky" one ended up sitting alone between 2 gangs having a good time! How pitiful...) So yours truly and friend got in first! LOL and if we wanted to be mean, we could have held up our green tea cups to him while looking at him from the inside of the glass panel.... *cheerz

Hotate (Fried scallop)Come to think of it, there are a few possibilities as to why the dude did what he did:

a) In that instance when there were 2 other groups of 3s in front of him, he realized the significance of the phrase "2's a company, 3's a crowd" LOL. First, the chance of having 3 seats in row emptied is rather low (see above 1.) Second, even if there are, the other two groups would beat them to it first. But if we were to team up and a table goes vacant, voila, we're in! So why didn't we agree to gang up? See above 2.

Sake (Fresh Salmon)b) The guy was hoping we were bad in maths..LOL. Cheap meal is good, cheaper meal is better!

Anyway, the night still ended on a high note as we got all that we wanted - unagi, sake, smoke salmon, ebiko, chuka kurage, scallop, ebi...*winks

Sake Roll Unagi (Grilled Eel)

My Rating: (delicious sushi, ~50% saved in total price..seriously, I wouldn't mind if the promotion goes on forever =þ)

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Anonymous said...

Wahhh! You actually did all the calculations?! =)

Anyway, I've never eaten at Sushi King before... This promotion should be nation-wide right?

Catherine said...

Haha..put it in words and it might look long winded but in actual its a pretty logical understanding =P

OR maybe because I've been to these kind of promotions for a few times now so I'm used to the drill d..LOL should give it a try then and yup promotion is nationwide, except maybe Genting? (Not sure if Genting has sushi king..keke)

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