Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Tawt I Taw a Spider...

I did, I did taw a spider. In my car. On my way home yesterday. And it tried to attack me. At least I think that was what was on its creepy tiny mind..

Here's how it happened. I was about to drive off when I noticed a spider at the edge of the dashboard, where the dashboard met the front window. Too deep for me to remove it (and not with bare fingers of coz) so fine I tot I'll not disturb it until at least I reached home.

Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on DiscoverySchool.comAt the junction in front of my office, the spider began to move. It crawled up the side pane to almost the driver's side window. Awesome I tot; Plan B: as soon as it reached the window, I shall wind the window down, fling the spider out and it would be so long, adios..

And so I put on my signal light, stopped the car by the side of the road to wait for that momentous moment. The spider must had read my tot somehow because the moment the car stopped, it jumped dwn to the dashboard, right in front of the steering wheel, took a look at me with its scary eight lil' eyes before quickly scurrying back to square one..sheeesh! Alright then, guess it was back to Plan A for me too. Destination home once more.

I was almost at USM traffic light when it crawled back out again, this time to the left side of the dashboard. Crawled for a bit (I tot maybe it was headed for the passenger window this time) when change of direction! It turned toward me, crawled over the radio player, passed the air-cond switches, getting nearer and nearer...

Shoot, the traffic light just turned green, I gotta start moving but no way would I want to lose sight of that spider. Before I knew it, it was somewhere below the signal light handle and then the ultimate, the breaking point, it dropped down a few cm from my knee, dangling on its thin thread of a web. I just felt it was coming for me this time, no doubt about that.

What happened in the nxt few seconds were lightning speed moments. I couldn't take it anymore so I took the hand towel I alwiz kept in my car and swiped at the spider from below. Spider on towel. Right hand pressed to wind the right window down. Transferred towel to right hand. Violent shake of towel outside the window. Another violent shake just to make sure. All while the left hand went back to shift the gears, the feet on the accelerator to get the car moving.

I think the car behind me must have been suprised at the sudden "white flag" lol. Never a moment in my life had I hated spiders that much until then..Finally good riddance, spider!

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CK said...

must be u din clean ur car often enough lor...lolz

Mindy said...

i would have stopped the car at the road side and run out screaming. :P

Catherine said...

eh pls, my car is clean. it may looked dusty at times on the outside, but the inside is definitely clean :P

haha min, middle of the rd wo. if i had waited to drive the car to the side of the rd, god knows which part of me the spidey would have been already..*yikes

Uj said...

Eh, I saw a car flagging a white cloth from it's driver window that day leh.. Must be u! ... dangerous driving! :)

mELbiEpiE said...

gEeeee....I wud've turn into a side road and stop the car, use a few pieces of tissue paper to grab the spider and throw it out with all my strength~!!!! So scary...luckily itu spider didn't bite our tang

Catherine said...

eh i tot u are in spore? i am in must have been another spider-infested car :P

lol bee, no side rd to turn into..i am in the middle surrounded by cars left and right :S
if i hadn't grabbed it with the towel, maybe kena bitten d *touch wood!

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