Saturday, July 16, 2011

Edo Ichi

Been to the place more than a couple of times now. Located at the once lively Island Plaza (I just noticed even Dome had vanished..), Edo Ichi is still pretty abuzz with activities and most tables are occupied. The interior is nicely done with well-placed aquariums, booths for small groups, and larger sections to accommodate a bigger crowd. There is also a sushi bar adorned with huge sake bottles but set lower so you can't actually watch the chefs at work ala real sushi restaurants in Japan as seen in Japanese dramas.

The few times I've been there I'd ordered different dishes (maki-s, hand rolls, etc) and bento sets. The salmon sashimi is presented beautifully in a bowl of decorated ice. The flesh is fresh and I must say...thick! Others were merely average in taste and not really worth the price printed on the menu.

Until we decided to order some greens during a particular visit and went for the soft shell crab & salmon skin salad with special sauce. Say no more. The salad has since been a must-order item at every visit. The mixed lettuces are fresh, crunchy and sweet. The cucumber and cherry tomatoes, juicy. The soft shell crabs and salmon skins delicious to the bite. Most important of all is really the special sauce. It just brings the entire bowl of salad up a notch.

And I would go back to Edo Ichi just for that. Overall, it's a quiet place with pretty good service (they are fast  in ensuring empty plates are promptly cleared off!) and that yummy salad☺

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Soo Huey said...

i thot u dont eat tomatoes? or is it carrots u don't eat..?

Catherine said...

Wah shuey has a good memory. Yes, I dun eat tomatoes but they told me it was juicy XD
I think peen's the one tak makan carrots :P

Soo Huey said...

yalah... say till so nice, as tho u sendiri ate the tomatoes! xD

i remember coz i also dont like to eat tomatoes. and cherry tomatoes are worse coz at least slices of the large tomato can be negligible, but to eat cherry tomatoes, will have to paksa put in mouth n actually taste it! ;p

Catherine said...

It does look fresh & juicy ma..although I din put in my mouth coz I can't stand the taste :P

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