Friday, December 31, 2010

Kopi Cine

Always read about the little restaurants/cafes in the heart of Georgetown, Penang but have never visited any myself. Never was the food explorer really.
Until. Recently.

Sri Malaya was the first. Kinda liked the olio pasta they served (though my fren Anata felt it was not spicy  enough and went on to "improve" the recipe herself...) but the mushroom soup tasted weird.
[Oh, and Dome still serves the best spicy olio pasta to me.]

Kopi Cine is #2 on the Done list. Quite a cozy spot situated at the corner where Stewart Lane meets Chulia Lane (Ok, I googled that as I have zilch ideas when it comes to the street names and lorongs of Georgetown) that serves lunch, dinner and have a longer list of wines than it does with coffee. 

I think what makes the place unique is the big mahjong paper clipped to every table and a glass of crayons for you to start drawing while waiting for your food to be served. Actually we kept on drawing even after our food was already on the the extend of moving the plates and tea cups around so as not to blocked the way. Next of course would be the picture-takings. Can't really leave without first taking shots of our work of art now, can we? 

Had the homemade chicken pie & mashed potatoes with caramelized onions on top. Perhaps because it was neglected in the cold for a while, the chicken pie only tasted so-so to me. Mashed potatoes was not too bad. And since its called Kopi Cine, we downed a single shot of espresso to mark that :)

Wouldn't mind visiting the place again to try other stuff on the menu (not aplenty but not too sparse either). Maybe in the evenings to capture a different ambiance.

Updated Nov 10th, 2011: Kopi Cine has since been relocated to Beach Street and renamed to China House.

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Dandelion said...

wooo, hidden talent..kekeke never know u're good in arts. ;) like the "aftertot was here" pic the most...simple and nice! macam mengena tempat... dunno how to explain.. lol XD

Catherine said...

haha bad in arts la.."Aftertot was here" is writing, not drawing, dats y still ok :P

And yes, that shot is a personal fav as well hehe


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