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Cloverfield is your typical monster-in-the-city movie with a twist. Filmed using a hand-held video camera, it tells the night from the eyes of one of the characters, Hud, beginning from a farewell party for Rob, who is leaving for Japan, to the sudden attack on New York City. Initially they attempt to escape the city via the Brooklyn Bridge but halfway, Rob receives a call from his love interest, Beth, who is caught in the attack in another part of the city and is now unable to move. And so while Brooklyn Bridge goes down, Rob decides to rescue Beth, who had actually left the party earlier after a squabble with him. His friends, Hud, Lily, and Marlena, decide to go too.

Their journey takes them directly into ground zero, through the CREEPIEST ever (and I do mean it in CAPITALS!) subway tunnel , into a "leaning" apartment building, on a helicopter ride, and face to face with the creature. And the audience are with them throughout, shaky camerawork and all. Ok, maybe not all audiences as some would have given up halfway citing "what a stupid movie" while some would be feeling dizzy, nauseous, even vomitting.

I, on the other hand, find it to be a brilliant piece of work. I am part of the rollercoaster ride - although if this is actually happening, I think I am probably hysterical by now. I feel their terror, their horror, and their pain (especially the part when Rob tells his mom that his brother is dead). This is not a stupid movie, no, it's definitely not. It's just.....well, different. I guess you need to immerse yourself in it and maybe, just maybe, you'll love it like I do.

Kudos to the producer, J.J Abrams, who is also the executive producer of the awesome hit series, Lost. And there's even talk of a sequel (Woo-hoo!). Afterall, in this You Tube era, there's probably thousands other New Yorkers filming on that fateful night so this might not be the only footage found by the U.S Goverment in an area "formerly known as Central Park" or what is now designated as "Cloverfield". Though I think if there is indeed a next time, most people will be taking the notice posted at ticket counters in cinemas everwhere more seriously LOL; "Cloverfield is not your average type of movie. Please watch at your own discretion."

My Rating:

5 tots:

tango said...


Looking at the notice posted and the filming style, no wonder one of my friends told me that he felt dizziness after watching the movie.

Looks like the movie is another must-watch movie based on your blog.

Thanks for the sharing.

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Catherine said...

Glad you enjoyed the post. Hopefully you'll enjoy the movie too ;)

Checked out your blog as well, great pix you have there. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

the movie is nice.. i also felt very very dizzy after watching.. now i know why i can't play the counter strike computer games too..

and finally, yesterday i went to cinema to watch the movie P2, not so bad!

Catherine said... you went to get the dvd? Glad you enjoyed it albeit the dizziness :P

Oh P2..haven't watched that but it seems the entire story is there in the trailer d, maniac guard and woman victim who ended up fighting back.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. bought the DVD, at first watching on my PC LCD, i can't even concentrate, haha.. dizzy! At last, watching on my TV screen, better, yet i still feel very dizzy after watching..

P2 not so bad the movie, new year, lazy to queue up for the CJ7, so i went to watch P2, entire cinema only <10 ppl watching.. haha! Yeah, entire story is there is the trailer with the meniac guard and the woman victim. This is a super duper low cost movie i guess, coz, <5 ppl acting in this movie, and the scene is just the car park basement..

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