Sunday, January 01, 2017

2016 was the year

  • the moment it started, I wished it would end immediately. I was at a pretty bad place in life where everything felt wrong, nothing may ever be right, no light at the end of the get the drift. 
  • I learnt to look at the bright side. Whilst it wasn't easy but humans are creatures of habit after all. And I absolutely believe that the mantra "With Practice, All Is Coming" applies even beyond the mat. 
  • MY Yoga continued to be a big part of my evenings and my weekends. Many asked me if I was tired to be doing this especially after a long week. To be honest, I have had days where the inner me groaned for needing to wake up at 8am on a weekend. But I know myself too well lol. My inner self is a double-headed snake who will not hesitate to make me feel guilty after if I ended up sleeping in and cancelling class for example. That said, it's not a battle of ego - you can't do it if you don't enjoy it in the first place. Oh and by the way, I went on to add a 7am Saturday class to my schedule too. 
  • of mealpreps, baking and cooking inspired by all the brilliant videos from the likes of Tasty, TipHero, etc which made cooking seemed so easy. And I even had a mini cookbook printed as a keepsake ;)
  • I stopped listening to the radio while driving. So I'm very much out of touch with the latest songs/happenings these days. On the positive note, solo driving became sort of a quiet moment for me in a soothing, meditative sort of way and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
  • of Descendants of the Sun. Not only did I binge watched, I even did some yoga flow inspired by soundtracks from the drama. 
  • poor Glenn officially exited Walking Dead in the worst way possible. And I kinda lost the oomph to watch the show after. True I was away on vacation but I didn't had the urge to continue even when I got back. The show is at its mid-season break now and I am only at episode 2. Guess I am still in mourning. 
  • I checked a few items off my bucket list - the elusive Aurora Borealis, the legendary glass igloo, and the whole Scandinavia adventure. I decided I needed this break at the early part of the year and I went for it. Of course the whole last year for northern light sighting news totally tipped the scale. And I am proud to say I've been there, done there. One of the best memories of my life period. 
  • football was the least thing on my mind. Oh how I missed the glory days. Now I can't even name the full Manchester United lineup....
  • I broke my annual reading record with 15 books, many of which were some of the best books I have ever read. 
  • MY Yoga deserved double mention for being voted #2 in the Top 10 Yoga Studios in Penang. Being a fairly new teacher, it is a huge honor to be nominated let alone to achieve the second spot. I am indeed thankful for the belief, support and encouragement. 
  • I spotted shooting stars twice - once on a plane to Amsterdam, the other while driving to yoga class in the wee hours of the morning. They were so swift that you'd missed it if you blinked. 
  • I believe that while everything may not turn out to be what you hoped for but everything will be ok in its own way. And if it's not okay, then it's not the end just yet. 
2017 will be a year of positivity, a year where challenges can be overcome with the right mindset, efforts and faith. 

HaPpY NeW YeAr 2017!