Friday, December 28, 2007

Watch them GROW!

I can't remember who introduced me to the first GROW game but one thing for sure, it had me wanting more. GROW is a series of flash games created by On of Eyezmaze from Japan. The concept is pretty simple; drag and drop - or just click in some - items in a particular order and watch them grow. You complete the game when all items reach the maximum level. What makes it unique is the items affect each other as they grow so to complete the game at the max possible level, you'll need to select the items in a correct order. However, it's okay to try other combinations as they may yield interesting results leading to different kinds of endings. The animation, the graphics are just amazing and it is such a delight to watch the gameplay unfolds.

Some of the best games in the GROW series are:

1. Click here to play GROW Cube! GROW Cube
This was my very first GROW game and definitely not the last. Like its namesake, you start with a brown cube and with all the right moves, magically turn it into a wonderland!

In the beginning.. Voila, a fun wonderland!

2. Click here to play GROW RPG! GROW RPG
GROW RPG has the same gameplay but with an RPG twist. Here you get to fight the enemy, buy health and weapons from a shop, as well as find hidden treasure at the end. All you need is to drag n drop in the correct sequence then sit back to watch how good triumphs over evil and how the flying winged devil and its minnions are defeated!

In the beginning.. Good Triumphs!

3. Click here to play GROW ver.3! GROW ver.3
The first GROW game according to the site though don't ask me why it's version 3 (and yes, there are version 1 and 2 at the site as well.) And interestingly enough, there are multiple endings to this one though not all will give you the maximum score of 20,000.

In the beginning..
Maximum result Alternative ending

4. Click here to play GROW Island! GROW Island
The latest in the GROW series and this time it makes use of university courses such as Civil Engineering, Computer Science, and Applied Chemistry. By prioritizing these fields, you'll create the perfect island where men live happily - how boy meets girl and fell in love Love at first sight, how nature is protected and technology is utilized to make the world a better place. However, you should try putting the wrong sequence and watch disasters strike in the form of deforestation, earthquake that cause a house to collapse even computer viruses. Also, this time around On informs us of a hidden ending - involving aliens. How cool!

In the beginning.. Disaster strikes!

5. Click here to play GROW Ornament! GROW Ornament
And in conjunction with the holiday season, Eyezmaze made one specially to celebrate Christmas. Click on the items to decorate your Christmas tree and have yourself a white Christmas. Even the music box style tune puts you in Christmas mood ;

Season Greetings!

A bare tree to start with.. Have a merry little Christmas!

Check out the site not only for more GROW games but other flash games as well, some of which are just as cute. Ahh..looking forward to the next GROW game!

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Anonymous said...

I was playing with grow island...
i am giving up..
u know the sequence to max up everything??
this is getting frustrating liao....

Catherine said... really want to know the answer? Not gonna try somemore? :P

Alrite I'll see if I can put up some hidden spoilers (so as not to spoil it for others) , if not I'll email you the answer or something LOL.

Meanwhile why not try the rest of the games..just click on the small icons ;)

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