Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Time Traveler's Wife - A Novel

It took me almost 3 mths to complete The Time Traveler's Wife - the novel. I watched the movie in Dec '09 and I knew how I said I'd moved the book up the queue to be read first. I even brought the book to work as my lunch read (my colleagues should be able to vouch for that) but I guessed things such as climbing up the Geo Challenge ladder (I'm still on top, right?) and the season-continuation of my oh-so-awesome-tv-series got in the way..

Or could it be for the first time a book failed to capture my attention?

I must admit progress was slow and a few times the corner of my eye even caught other books on the bookshelves beckoning me to pick them up and read them instead. Sadly I did strayed as well.

Perhaps my expectations had been set a little too high after watching the movie. Somehow the way the book went on and on being narrated by Henry and Clare alternately felt kinda draggy toward mid-span. The reason I finally finished the book was only because I purposely brought the book with me to Europe so it was the only reading material to pass the time in-flight/on-train.

And I so could not believe what happened between Clare and Gomez! Thank you for removing those scenes from the movie.

Oh btw Mindy, the ending in the book was interesting and creative but yeah, the one in the movie felt more romantic :P

-------------------------------------Spoiler alert!-------------------------------------------

The one major detail in the book that I felt surpassed the movie was the extend of Henry's injury that confined him to a wheelchair. To not be able to walk because you couldn't feel your legs can never be worse than losing the ability to walk because your feet were amputated! Such was how the book made it to be..shockingly horrible.


Overall, the book was enjoyable at the beginning but became less so toward the middle, and didn't quite went out with the big bang that I might had been anticipating.

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Soo Huey said...

hey, u changed your banner! interesting... but not sure i like it ;P

ok, now u've posted on the book u read during the trip. time for travel stories n photos!!

Catherine said...

Changed quite sometime d wert. Haha see when I jiak pa too free then I'll go change again.

Travel stories n photos r on the way hopefully. Gotta jump right back into reality (like how Monday is back to work day!) for now :$

Mindy said...

You should read the book before the movie. cos once you watch the movie and know the storyline, then it kinda gets boring and slow in the book since you already know what's gonna happen.

Anyway, I loved the ending because it showed how much she loved him and how she waited for so long just to see him one last time. I loved the book just for that ending. Besides that, I actually can't remember much about it. I can't even remember who Gomez is. :P

Catherine said...

Oh you are back. How was Bali? :)

I've seen the book in the shops before the movie came out but never tot of reading it lol. They're not always so when I read books that I've watched the movies first.

Guess it really is slow and draggy coz you only remembered the creative ending anyway :P
Dont' remember Gomez? Don't bother!

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