Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Digital scrapbooking, here I come!

I've always find scrapbooking interesting, the way how you can transform a common photograph into something extraordinary with eye-catching decorations full of beautiful colors. However, suprisingly I've never ventured into scrapbooking. Why?

People who know me would know that I love cute stationeries but will never have the heart to use them lol.."JUST FOR KEEPS ONLY". Plus I'm bad at art (the reason why I never went into arts stream in f4 was because I wanted to avoid the art subject while most ppl were just trying to avoid accounts!) Which is why I've never touched scrapbooking as I dared not take the risk (I'm not a risk taker) of cutting the oh-so-pretty stationeries and arranging them into colourful pages. I was sure it will not turn out nice...Also, this is definitely not one cheap hobby.

Then I discover DIGITAL scrapbooking and my, my, it is a dream come true! Number one, I can get countless materials, ideas, inspirations on the web, what more at a little or no cost at all. Believe me, there's a whole world of scrapbookers out there. Number two, I don't have to worry about crappy "artwork" because I can delete them anytime and start all over again without actually wasting any nice! I believe I will be addicted to it if I am not already so :D

Dinner@Miraku scrap pageBut of coz with digital scrapbooking, you can't actually touch or feel the materials. However, it will definitely help polish the scrapbooking skills plus you can actually see how your ideas will turn out before putting them on actual paper ;)

Here's my first attempt at digital scrapbooking, which features pictures from the Aug Meet-up @ Miraku. Click on the pic for a larger version or check it out at my facebook :)

Not bad for a first timer I hope... :P

To give credit where one is due, this scrap page uses the Friendship collection kit courtesy of .Nayyan. Thanx a bunch!!

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Ciyou said...

Cool~~ scrapbooking is really an expensive hobby~~

Soo Huey said...

interesting! look forward to more..

i've seen phaiksee's "beautiful" artworks when she was in school, but she's ended up doing multimedia/designing stuff as her job! so it seems computers help create the ideas/inspirations that you can't on paper. ;-)

Catherine said...

haha yeah ciyou, it is one expensive hobby..jst like your arts and crafts are not cheap too rite..hehe but nice works u have there..keep it up :)

keke, thanx shuey for the encouragement :D..haha are you saying pat's artworks are crappy?? have u seen mine, i think worse!..yeah computers help alot, at least there always the delete/undo button :P

tanshuyin said...

MY, haha...i'm also doing scrapbooking. Mine is not digital scrapbooking. Mine is erm..the physical scrapbooking. Yeah, your fren ciyou is right, it is a damn expensive hobby. 1 piece of printed acid-free paper costs a freaking rm5.

Anyway,I am just a beginner ;)

Catherine said...

haha shu-yin, i'm sure your scrapbooks are lovely..afterall you were alwiz so GOOD in art!

next time must show us some of your creations ok..maybe I can get some idea from you hehehe for my digital scrap pages :P:P

tanshuyin said...

catherine...i beginner nya. as in real beginner. dont even have 1 album yet. juz a few pages here and there nya!

Catherine said...

hhaa it's ok, ban ban lai...I'm sure those pages are lovely also d :P


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