Wednesday, February 13, 2008

MiNdBOx - Jue Qiang Ai Zhe Ni

This song has been around for quite some time now but it only got stuck in my mind recently when I heard the song in S.H.E's concert at Genting on TV (LOL ya nothing better to do than watching TV during CNY.)

Sung by Anthony Zheng Wei Kang, the winner of Astro Talent Quest (or ATQ in short) 2006, it's catchy and soulful at the same time - though don't ask me what the song is about..I only know some words here and there :P


lei yi di xiao yi di mei yi di
cun jin wo shou xin
zhe hui shi wo gei ni xing fu de ji xu

chong zhao ni shou zhao ni ba shi jie
ying hui lai gei ni
wo zhi xiang zhuan xin zuo hao zhe jian shi qing

ru guo tu ran qing tian xia qi yu
lin shi de ye zhi you wo er yi
suo you de kun nan jiao hui wo zen yang bao hu ni

bu bian bu pa bu hui xin
wo jiu shi zhe me jue qiang ai zhe ni
cai bu ting you duo shao fan dui sheng yin
ping zhao ai shen me bu ke yi

bu zou bu fang bu you yu
wo hai shi zhe me jue qiang ai zhe ni
bu yong guan hai you duo shao bu yi ding
ni zhi yao xiang xin
wo yong yuan jian ding

ku yi di tong yi di mei yi di
yun niang cheng tian mi
zhe jiu shi wo dui ni xing fu de yue ding

zai nu li zai zhen xi zhun bei hao
wan mei de zi ji
zai chuang zao zui wan mei de ming tian gei ni

ru guo tu ran yang guang dou jie bing
wo de shou hui nuan re ni de xin
suo you de qi qu shi wei lai zhen gui de feng jing

yong wo de xiao tian man ni yan jing
yao ni de ming tian bi jin tian kai xin
suo you de bao yu shi wei le zheng ming
wo men yong you wu jin de yong qi
ca gan lei wei bi ci fang qing

Oh ~
ni zhi yao xiang xin
wo yong yuan jian ding

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Anonymous said...

one of my favorite songs!
倔强爱着你 is actually a love song =D

tango said...

Hi Catherine,

Are you posting this song in conjunction with the Valentine's day tomorrow?

This song fits the Valentine's day mood perfectly.

As far as I understand and if I translated the title literally, it means 'loving you tenaciously' or 'tenacious love'.

The song is about how would a guy still loves a gal regardless of how hard is the challenges ahead and the unknowns which they are going to face. All the hardship which he had gone thru in this relationship taught him the ways how to protect her and appreciate the relationship. As such, he will love her with no fear and will not be discouraged by the obstacles. He asked the gal to trust him that his love is strong and forever-lasting.

Just my dua kupang. Hope I do not mislead you. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Catherine said...

LOL..Valentine was not on my mind when I posted this though after your explanation, why not? ^_^

Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day too!

tango said...

Looks like you have a lot of good Chinese songs to share, although you do not read/write Chinese. Please post more.
So that, I do not have to go and download and can listen to the songs from here.

Keep it coming!

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