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Wedding Fever (Part 2) - Dream Day

Dream Day WeddingDream Day Honeymoon

This time around we'll take a look at the Dream Day series, which comprises of Dream Day Wedding and Dream Day Honeymoon. Well, technically speaking, honeymoon doesn't count as a wedding game but hey, a great honeymoon's the perfect ending to a dream wedding ;)

In Wedding Dash, you played the bridesmaid cum wedding planner. In Dream Day, you are the bride's best friend, helping her out when things look set to spin out of control, giving your best friend (Jenny) a perfect wedding and an even memorable honeymoon. What are friends for if not to be there in times of need, right?

Bridal shopthe Beach

In Dream Day Wedding, you are responsible to pick up a list of items that Jenny needs from a variety of shops, such as the florist, bakery, or stationery shop, before the they close for the day a.k.a time runs out. Dream Day Honeymoon has similar seek&find concept but you'll be helping Jenny & Robert to uncover hidden treasures or lovely souvenirs at honeymoon locations which includes the beach, a spa, and a bar amongst others. A first glance at a shop/spot and you might think it's a piece of cake to locate the necessary items but a closer look revealed that objects are kinda jumbled up and items cleverly hidden. Furthermore, there's a time limit and the number of items to look for increases with each level while the time remains the same or worse, shortened.

You do however get 3 hints per level in the form of a cupid's arrow that reveals the location of the item you missed. In Dream Day Honeymoon, you have the chance to increase the number of hints by locating special birds of paradise at each location. Trust me, hints really come in handy especially when you are stuck with only a few items left but time continues tick, tick, ticking away..

Matching gameIn between each level, you get to play one of 2 bonus games. The first one is a memory game where you have to turn cards to find a match. Becareful of the swap card though as it'll rearrange all the cards and any positions that you'd memorized will be in vain. The second game is Choose-A-Story and like its namesake does not require any skill to play. Instead, it's all up to you to determine how Jenny & Robert's story unfolds, from how they met, leading to their wedding as well as how their honeymoon would turn out.

Create-A-StoryDo beware that it's not all sunshine in Dreamsville. There are crisis levels that if not taken care of in time will throw even the most beautiful wedding/honeymoon into chaos. Take for example, bad news from the florist; a swarm of bugs just destroyed the wedding bouquet and she needs your help to look for a set items to make a new one. It's not a crisis if things remained the same, isn't it? Crisis levels features a completely different arrangement of items at the same shop/spot and mind you, more well hidden than usual.CRISIS!

Dream Day series is an interesting and challenging game with a nice graphical presentation. Plus you won't get bored playing it twice as you'll be given a different list of items each time. Also, you can then select a different path during the Create-A-Story to see how Jenny&Robert's story might turn out differently. Just make sure you don't end up cross-eyed from trying to locate the items!

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P/S: Dream Day Wedding even features nice classical tunes..Vivaldi's 4Seasons is one ;)

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Anonymous said...

there are 4 songs in 4 seasons. Which one would u choose for ur wedding?

Catherine said...

I don't think I'll choose any for my wedding unless the theme's some renaissance era with waltz thrown in? haha..anyway i personally prefer Spring ;)

Anonymous said...

what are the titles of the songs found in dream day wedding?

Catherine said...

Wow, it had been over a yr since i last played the game. Cant recall every song in dream day anymore.. but Vivaldi's 4 season is definitely one of them. There're four tunes, one for each season. You should be able to google abt them :)

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