Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Mid-Autumn FestivalIt's Mid-Autumn Festival today...

let's enjoy mooncakes with a cuppa hot tea, watch the lil' kids walking around the neighbourhood carrying lanterns (and maybe recall back the good ol' days when you were the one walking the neighbourhood :D), all while enjoying the beautiful moon in its full glory..

On mooncakes, there're all sorts of flavors out there nowadays. No more just the traditional lotus paste with yolk; now there's flavors like tiramisu, cappucino oreo, and dragonfruit even! LOL yup, my home happens to have the above flavors [gifts from ppl] but yet to try them so no reviews. But I am already doubting the dragonfruit mooncake..the combination sounds so weird, don't you think so? :S

Cappucino oreo mooncake Mooncake Collage
(Click to enlarge)

Haagen-dazs also came out with ice-cream mooncakes for the occassion. There are 4 flavors; cookies & cream, macadamia nut, strawberry, and chocolate. They even have "egg yolks" inside made of mango sorbet. Innovative indeed and pricey too~~

Haagen-daz ice-cream mooncakes Mooncake scrappage
(Click to enlarge)

Made a scrap page for this day as well :) Anyway, here's wishing everybody out there a Happy Mooncake Festival!

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Soo Huey said...

oh i've tried the tiramisu before! nice!

in the same box (in order of preference) there was raspberry cheese, green tea berries, yam ginko, chocolate fondue. tiramisu mayb my fav of the lot! all very nice xcept choc fondue, actually :)

let me know if dragonfruit n cappucino oreo are nice!

mELbiEpiE said...

I truly miss the times when we actually get to carry lanterns and yet being regarded as "the norm activity" back home....

Anonymous said...

where's my mooncake~~~~~

Catherine said...

wah shuey, you tried so MANY flavors before d ar? *respect!
hhehe okok will let you once I try the other 2 ;)

haha come to think of it, we girls never had a mid-autumn festival gathering eh? hmm..probably shud try one day! :D

LOL ck, go chinatown beli la :P

Ciyou said...

How was the Haagen-dazs ice-cream mooncakes

Eng Seng said...

Have you tried the Häagen Daz mooncakes before? Nice or not? =P

Catherine said...

yeah, I tried the strawberry and chocolate..taste just like ice-cream lo :P but with mango sorbet in the middle..

I prefer choc over strawberry, the strawberry's outer skin layer not so nice compared to choc's\

macadamia nut and cookies & cream still in the fridge :P

Anonymous said...

takda china town here~~~~~

Catherine said...

haha then next yr mid-autumn festival la :P:P

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