Thursday, October 02, 2008

Project MOV3 - The Finale

Sept 27th: The day had come for the official move i.e no more a new house to go to, no more the old house to go back's gonna be only numero uno now onwards.

Actually most of the stuff had been moved to the new place, whats left at the old place are just the big stuff such as the fridge, the beds and the cupboards.

Bye bye backyard seaviewWoke up early that day to take some last minute pictures..last chance!

At 9.00am the moving lorry arrived and they got to work almost immediately. By almost 9.30am it was all done and it was REALLY time to say goodbye! *gulp I had that sad farewell feeling deep inside..this time it was for real, this was perhaps the last time I'll step my foot in there.

And the car drove off - I was driving actually - and though not quite like driving into the sunset movie-style but a new beginning nonetheless.

Well, it's almost a week now and we're all settled down pretty much. Just that now I have to include ~3mins elevator waiting time into my schedule LOL. Oh, and I woke up one morning and suddenly I felt as though I was back in my old room. The feeling didn't last though as reality took over rather quickly....

Check out the entire Project MOV3's story in pix here..

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Anonymous said...

been there for so long... somehow something is still connected? is tat how u feel?

Catherine said...

haha dunno ar, maybe connected by a thin invisible thread..but now more d kua

jun6 said...

I just 1st time see ur this blog post since I visited ur blog last year ago. As the time I left from the KL,I wished I can stay but had to leave...very complicated. Coz ur everything will left at there but memories.

Catherine said...

yeah jst memories left..but at least u still got to go back after ur studies ;)

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