Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Donuts & Coffee, anyone?

Ah..the Pavilion, KL's newest shopping mall (there's also the Gardens @ Midvalley but not touching on that today) and with it, new brands, new shops, new food outlets. Pretty huge place though not all shops were opened yet - the names were already in the directories and I was looking forward to check them out only to find renovation in progress at their doorsteps *bummer

The crowd queuing for donutsAnyway, the latest craze in town seems to be the dough with a hole in the center..yup with the newly opened J.CO Donuts at the Pavilion, the first franchise in Malaysia. Craze, you wonder? Believe me, if you see queue outside the shop, craze IS the most appropriate word...

J.Co is actually a chain from Indonesia and turns out it is owned and managed by Johnny Andrean, a famous hairdresser. There are over 10-20 choices of donuts to choose from ranging from the common ring donuts such as Glazzy (donut glazed with honey), Al Caponne (white belgian coated donut crusted with almond flakes) and Blackjack to filled donuts such as Copabanana (chocolate donut with banana cream in the center), Mango Bliss and Berry Blue to JCrown, J.Co's own version of premium donut, which can be distinguished by its unique-flower like shape such as the Oreology (donut coated with oreo biscuit bits.) Cheese lover? Then try Cheese Me Up, donut coated with low fat cheese. Health-conscious? Then there's a Miss Green Tea though it's up to you to decide how healthy it is =P

donuts, donuts, donutsOf course I couldn't miss out the chance to try them, could I? I bought 1/2 a dozen (cost me ~10 bucks, cheaper than I had expected) but obviously both my mum and I couldn't finish it in one seating so we decided to keep them in the fridge for the next day. There are reheating instructions on the box and it only takes 8 seconds for the doughnuts to go soft again with the fillings flowing out when you cut into them..AH they sure melt the heart and mouth! Overall, they are good but it seems there are a couple more donuts shops around that some say are as good or even better..hmmm guess I'll have to do some comparison the next time I drop by ;)

J Co Donuts & Coffee
Lot 1.05, Level 1
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur.

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P/S: J.Co donuts may be good but the website sure isn't as according to Google, it may harm your computer. LOL perhaps it's a warning that these soft, fluffy sweetness could harm you too..they do go straight to your waistline! =þ

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Eng Seng said...

Yeah, most of the shops are not opened yet in the Pavilion, especially the GSC cinemas. Hey, so nice of you to drop by in KL...

Anonymous said...

I dunno how those KLian tell the differences between Jco n Big Apple but those donuts really taste the least for me...
But u know...
It's definitely better de Dunkin Donuts

Ciyou said...

this donut really have a long queue anytime.

But the chocolate taste very good

But too much will be abit too "jilak"

Catherine said...

yeah, but i think the craze might have started to die out..I was there again 2weeks ago and there was no crowd. OR probably I was there too early for a Tuesday morning :P

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