Friday, May 21, 2010

A white lie a day, takes you a long way

Read an article in the papers this morning and found it rather interesting :)

Folks are divided when it comes to white lies. Some say it is still a lie, and lying is never good. Others said it's called a white lie (instead of blue/red) in the first place because of its purity - to benefit others. To avoid upsetting people or hurting someone's feelings.

Now who hasn't told a white lie before? I would be lying (and mind you, it will not be white) if I said I've never told one. Sometimes the circumstances call for it. To avoid any unpleasant/awkward situations. To be polite especially when the other party is a not-so-close acquaintance. As long as it not some life or death thingy or could lead to something reckless and utterly dangerous, right?
During the festive season, people tend to ask: "Do I look pretty in my new dress?" or "Like my new shirt?" Some people might not look good in certain clothes, but because everyone is in a joyous mood, why spoil it by saying something nasty. Naturally, we'll say: "It looks nice on you."
What about to friends? Are you not a true friend if you tell a white lie to a close friend? I've read a lot about how a real friend is someone who is honest with you. and who will not hesitate to correct you. But I believe you can't just go blaring your opinion especially not in the presence of others. So if you happen to be in a situation in a public place, you might just have to resort to a little white lie, don't you think?
I'd rather tell white lies than end up having more enemies than friends with my brutal honesty about everything under the sun.
What if it happens to you? Would you rather hear a white lie or get the uncut/uncensored honesty regardless how bad it might be? Remember not everyone are good with words so they can't be giving you constructive criticism i.e. give you a less-stingy version all the time. I don't have a definite side for this. I guess for me it'll have to be case by case basis. 

And my personal belief: Don't ever go asking people whether your outfit looks good or not.  (lol!)

So the question is, would you lie if it can do more good than harm?

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Wong Nguk Sing said...

Most people have already made up their mind when they ask for your opinion. They want a confirmation rather that honest comment. Watch "lie to me" and you will learn how to tell from their "micro expression"...LOL!!!

Mindy said...

Honestly, I'd rather tell a white lie. :P There was once Mun Yi had a piece of seaweed on her front teeth and I just couldn't bear to tell her. So seaweed stayed there during the whole dinner outing. Hehe~

Catherine said...

So why asked in the first place at the risk of getting an ans you don't want to hear? unless you are super, duper confident.... ;)

LOL Mindy, so did you eventually told her? or is she going to find out by reading this (if she ever does :P)
And you sat thru the outing jst looking at that seaweed and not felt geli somehow? haha

Terry said...

if i were in Mindy's situation, and that person's a not so close friend, i would be staring at the seaweed, as if i am talking to it. same goes when a guy's hair nostril sticks out. i would be literally talking to the hair peeking out :P

sometimes it's better to keep quiet la. if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything lo

Catherine said...

haha true true, somehow ur eyes just automatically gaze at those stuff :P

Mindy said...

Hahahaha... I totally understand Terry's comment about talking to the nostril hair. It like the more you wanna pretend it's not there, the more attracted you are to it.

I told Mun Yi about the seaweed incident months later. She yelled at me for that. ;)

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