Sunday, June 01, 2008

In love with violins

southern california violinistsLately I've discovered how much I'm into violins - intense violin music that is. The intesity somehow deepens the impact of a song or an instrumental composition not to mention gripping the listeners (me in this case) and making sure the song/instrumental piece stay put in their minds.

I'll share with you 3 examples; 2 songs and an instrumental composition.

Numero uno goes to One Republic's Apologize. Actually, the one that's been playing on airwaves everywhere is the One Republic featuring Timbaland's version, which I had thought was a nice song the first time I heard it. Then one day I stumbled on the original One Republic's version and had not gone back since. That violin piece at the start says it all.

Oh, and One Republic performed the song during the American Idol Grand Finale with David Archuleta which was kinda cool..

And which brings me to the 2nd song; David Cook's version of Mariah Carey's Always Be My Baby. Unlike real fans, I don't follow American Idol from the start, audition and all. Usually, I'll pick up when they are at the Top 3 or Top 2 because by then, the performances are great and so are the songs. Also, I look forward to hearing the winning songs which are mostly powerful ballads that are so my cup of tea..hehe.

Well, this year was an exception because of this particular performance. David Cook performed this song during the Top 7 (I think) and it totally made me a follower of the show (Recipients of American Idol performances mp3s from me should know I'm not lying LOL). His rockish version is even better than the original Mariah's, at least to me. But most captivating of all, yup, intense violins during the start of the first chorus just did it for me. Too bad they dropped that in the studio version of the song. It's still nice (why wouldn't it be seeing that it comes from THE American Idol 7) but somehow a teeny, weeny piece is missing..Oh, well.

Lastly is one of the many instrumental compositions from the anime Fate/Stay Night soundtrack. The anime, awesome (the review is late though :P). So is the soundtrack. The violins come in towards the end but overall this is one mesmerizing piece that you can't get tired of - I played it over and over at work when I first got the mp3.

Crazy? Maybe.

Or perhaps I just have too much tension pent up inside that needs to be channelled out and intense violin pieces are the green exit signs LOL. Whatever the reasons may be, these songs and music are staying in my playlist for a long time to come :)

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Eng Seng said...

Maybe La Cordo D'oro Primo Passo had something to do with spurring your interest in violins?

Catherine said...

Haha I was drawn to that Fate/Stay Night piece long before Primo Passo started showing in Animax..

But Primo Passo is nice too with all the musical pieces from different instruments (Of coz not to forget the leng chais and leng lui in it :P) but so far I've yet to listen to a really intense piece. Maybe it's way too early in the anime still..

So are you watching Primo Passo too?

Eng Seng said...

I saw one of episode of Primo Passo the other day... The episode where the guys had this pillow fight and then one of them got on top of the girl. When nothing happened and both of them went to their rooms with their emotions repressed, I got this feeling that I was watching a chick flick... The best chick flick that I've seen so far is the Joy Luck Club!

Catherine said...

Haha I saw that ep d too. Of coz nth happenned la what with 2 other guys in the room too!

Chick flick? a way maybe since the main focus is on that girl with the magical violin.

Best chick flick eh..I think I have more than 1 in mind :D

Eng Seng said...

By the way, how come you never blog about football?

Catherine said...

Hmm..maybe there's nth much to review abt it? No football animes, no new football movies (I love Goal1 and Goal2 by the way :P), England's not in Euro...

But I do talk a bit football in some of the posts albeit just a sentence or two heheh..

I'll dedicate 1 post specially for football when it's due, don't worry ;)

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