Thursday, January 01, 2009


A storm brewing in the horizon. Dark clouds loomed and strong winds howled. Torrential rain slashed down without mercy. In the distance, police sirens screamed.

-View from home @ 090101 ~1649

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Eng Seng said...

Did you go for the big celebration in Penang? I heard that even Lim Guan Eng was there!

tanshuyin said...

reading this post of yours...i felt like reading the beginning of a storybook/novel. Hehe

Catherine said...

Nop, stayed at home actually..not really a fan of crowds :)

haha, it really felt like a scene out of a disaster movie too..

mELbiEpiE said...

FuiYoh...I think you should continue with the story...Sounded like one that I would defly read till the last page ;)

Catherine said...

haha..story to be continued then :P

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