Monday, August 25, 2008

Project MOV3: Crystal Decos

Learnt a new word layout effect this evening so decided to post it up as well. Which one do you think is better? :)

I received a mushroom-shaped misty lamp from my friends on my birthday (Mushroom-shaped coz they know I love all kinds of mushrooms :P)

Fairytale Fairytale2

So I tried out the lamp in my new room and WOW, the effect was fabulous. My room was transformed in an instance and I vowed to use this lamp in my room from then onwards :D [Thank peeps for the prezzie and you guys don't have to worry, I love the lamp and it fits in the room perfectly *winks]

Well, couldn't waste the nice lighting yeah so what better to do then to take pictures with my crystal collection as models. Believe me, I took the pix on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Thanx to newly installed roman blinds, my room is kinda dark even during the day. Hopefully next time, I can programme my brain to delay my waking time during the weekends hehe.

Longing Learning to Fly

And with the current digital scrapbooking craze, here are more scrapbook pages to go with it. Thanks to ExpressYourself kit by Ronna Penner, and Colorful Memories kit by Debbie & Laura ;)

Beautiful Fairytale Apple of my Eye

Click images for bigger view. Or see more pix here :)

9 tots:

D. said...

glad you like it =D

Anonymous said...

Again, nice pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Again, nice pictures :)

Catherine said...

Thanks again, boo boo :D

and thank you, anonymous

Soo Huey said...

oooh...... i must b a bad friend coz i didn't kno u like mushrooms n i didnt kno u like crystals! (the latter i assumed coz u have so many)

the 2nd fairytale layout is nice n interesting, but somehow i prefer the 1st one in this case.

i dont really like the lacey beautiful fairytale scrapbook page. lace = granny!

Catherine said...

maybe u din makan dishes with mushrooms with me before so you never heard the "wah, mor kor..ho liao lo" phrase LOL

haha actually i was crazy for crystal apples at one time during college years..then somehow that ended up into a number of crystal collections..:P

haha dats what I tot too lace=granny, so I did hesitate a bit after I added them in..but saved the image d so aiya lazy to take out d..midnite d somemore!

tango said...

the one on the left is still look nicer to me because I think the star effect is a lil too many.

Try to do just a fairy, with a cometh tail behind it, which goes around the cart...

Anonymous said...

Crytals.. u meant Swarowzski (mind my spelling) crystals? Gasp!!! Expensive hobb..... Gasp gasp!!!

Anyway, nice mushroom. Suddenly thought of smurfs (vividly remember the cartoons where smurfs live in mushrooms)

Catherine said...

mm sounds like a good idea..will try it out when ada time..thanks, tango :D

hhaa nola uj, you think I so rich ar..swarovski crystal..
mine are just cheapo crystals nia la..could be glass even..hmm

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