Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Me! MiNdBOx - Stars

The song caught my attention during yoga class last week (while I was trying to make the back of my head meet my big toe.)

A google later...

The song is sang by a 20-year-old kid from Chile who was the 2nd runner up in the Idol 2005 competition in Norway. Stars is a single from his Diamonds or Pearls album which reached #1, according to Wikipedia. Other songs that I'd since got to know (and enjoy!) are Sail Away, When Love Found A Voice, Crazy Dream Tonight, Something's Never Change, and Diamonds or Pearls.

One stolen look across the room
An elusive smile, but soon baby soon
One minute for every hour
But time hasn't been on our side, on our side

Still holding on
Been waiting so long
For that indelible touch

When the stars shine upon me
And the night feels so lonely
Then I only picture your face
And remember the days, nights
And how I spent them with you
I spent them with you

Two worlds under the sun
Will melt into one, just come baby come
All the signs say it's so
Pointed upon by the arrow of love

My coffee is cold, cause I've waited so long
The thoughts of your smile always makes me feel strong
I'm drawing a picture of you in my mind
And the thought of your smile is always making me
miss you so much

I spent them with you
I spent them with you

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