Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Sleeping Chronicles

My sleep pattern is programmed. Most of the time I don't need the alarm clock to wake me up unless on really tired days/nites..I usually find myself up ahead of the alarm clock on weekdays. On weekends, I used to wake up at 9.30am until I moved last year. Then my time readjusted and I can finally tell me ppl I sleep till almost noon now :P (Everyone was always asking y did I wake up so early during the weekends?)

At first I was worried about jetlag during my trip to the US. Luckily for me, I din have any..I was awake when it was light outside and slept when it was dark. Only one funny change happened to me.

I went to outlet stores on my first day and only got back to the hotel around 8/9in the evening. I guess after the long-haul flight, I was exhausted so I took a nap before waking up again at 10pm. Lo and behold that pattern stuck with me for the next 2wks! Every nite without fail, I needed to nap at around 8/9. When I thought it was ok to just rest my eyes for 10seconds, it was 10pm the nxt minute...Nap place? Always the sofa.

And I so wanted to watch all the primetime shows - BigBangTheory, HIMYM, SUPERNATURAL but guess what, primetime TV was between 8-9pm every night! Supernatural was on Thursday and that ep had Paris Hilton as guest star. I made sure I was back at the hotel in front of the TV by then and ooh Dean and Sam appeared on screen..what better way to spend one's evening, eh?

I only lasted until the first commercial break....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Greetings from -15hrs Once More

Wondering why the same old picture? Yup, coz I'm stuck at the same old place - yet again. Different lounge but still as free wifi, stuck with using public PCs. Lucky thing, there's a row of them around so nobody has to wait for their turn. Also, no view in this supposedly international lounge hmmph :/ ..At least the AA lounge had a view.
Food wise..jst snacks. Finger food, soup, salad, cakes, cookies...and a whole lot of beverages. Chardonnay or champagne, anyone? :P
Oh and when I touched down @ LAX earlier, I think I saw Leann Rimes and beau. I was on the way to the restroom when I saw a couple coming out from a side entrance, an airline employee showing them the way plus a man that looked like a bodyguard escorting them. I wasn't sure if it was her until I went to google her pix later as well as the bf's pic, just to be sure LOL
Too bad it wasn't the Beckhams, I'm sure I would have been able to recognize them from a mile away XD
5hrs to go.....

Updated: And for anyone who might be interested, the Houston Dynamo vs LA Galaxy match ended 0-0. Becks PLAYED full 90mins and got a yellow card toward the end. So it might not have been a very exciting match but I could have had the chance to see becks live in action for 1.5hrs of my life :P Oh well....

back to reality, I am sweating in the heat that is Hong Kong. 6hrs to go....

Monday, October 05, 2009

Greetings from -15hrs

I am finally settled in the hotel and all ready to go to bed...once I'm done scribbling here :)

The entire trip here had all mainly been about 1 thing - WAITING; waiting to transit, waiting for a room to become available, waiting for this and waiting for that. Even finished the 1 book i brought along. Guess gotta buy another 1 for the trip back :P

Also got my car, Chevy. Never driven one before but so far so good. No probs driving on the left side either [though when i first got the car, my left hand automatically wanted to shift the gears and my right hand automatically went to the signaling switch which was actually the wiper switch XD]

And their speed limit is a bit weird.. I see signs saying Speed Limit 55 but those cars that overtook me on the left was definitely wayyy faster than that. Apparently you'll have to at least follow the flow of the traffic otherwise you are considered as obstructing traffic o_O

That's it for now.