Tuesday, July 10, 2007

KL Trip - No Frills...

Spent last weekend in KL and where did I stayed but at Asia's first "no frills" hotel, the Tune Hotel. Never heard of it? Well, me neither till that fateful day.

Located in the middle of KL city, it's actually founded by Dato' Tony Fernandes (THE boss of Air Asia) and its concept is simple, i.e. cheap yet comfy hotel and pay more only if you want add-on "frills" such as air-conditioning & toiletries. The hotel claims room rates start from a low RM9.99 though mine cost ~RM30 (maybe it was the weekend?).

Acceptable nonetheless, especially for a pretty nice room with flower-painted walls, comfortable bed (5-Stars bed, it says on the website..), bright enough lightings & dark enough when the curtain's drawn till you do not realize the time of the day =P ... definitely not shabby. Furnishings wise, don't expect to see the usual TV or a mini bar..LOL but hey, we are talking ultra-cheap hotel here. You do however get a bathroom with a shower separated by a shower screen. Another screen separates the bathroom from the rest of the room (My only bad encounter here, the screen door wouldn't closed properly :$). I must praise the shower head though, it's not called Power Showers for nothing LOL plus my bathroom came in black bathroom tiles giving off a sleek, modern look. *thumbs up

As mentioned, you will need to fork out extra if you are not used to just having a ceiling fan, or if you are the type that don't bring towels / toiletries when you go a-travelling. Personally, I think ceiling fan is more than enough, cold even..yup, you read it right..COLD even. I switched on the fan to the maximum speed (IV) when I first entered the room after a hot day out, but no 1/2 hr later, it was down to III, then II, and finally I throughout the night (with a blanket to go with too) . Serious!! Thus, saved on air-cond charges for me =P

Oh, and don't expect hotel buffets, or restaurants. The most you can get is an Uncle John's Kopitiam at the lobby area (the regular Old Town coffee shop concept where food ranges from the usual toasts to nasi lemak, coffee to tea.) . There is also a convenience store next to it and an ATM machine as well. Very well-planned eh ;)

To sum it all up, if you are looking for a cheap place with cold/warm showers after the sweltering heat outside, a good night's sleep with a roof over your head, and no unnecessary charges for "luxuries" you do not require..then look no further. Let's hope they maintain the place well, otherwise inevitably it's gonna start to wear & tear in time what with the gazillions backpackers that are sure to swarm the place, like moths to flame.

P/S: Check out the comic-like site TuneHotels.com

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tango said...

Hahaha...heard almost the same story from my youngest bro when he stayed in this hotel the first time.

I like this concept of selling a room as a traveller. Most of time, I hardly use the 'luxury' (or unnecessary) facilities in a normal hotel when I stay in one, other than the TV, toilet and of course the bed. Oh yes, sometime the kettle too.

I plan to try it out when I am going down to KL for walk-walk, eat-eat and shoot-shoot.

Catherine said...

Yeah, you should try it out the next time you are in KL. Plus there's Subway there now too!

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