Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Floating Order

The Floating Order

I was overjoyed when I found out I'd won a hard-copy book from LibraryThing's Member Giveaway. Erin, the author was gracious enough to send me a signed copy together with a personal message in a card too. ☺

The stories in the book however are far from cheery. But not in a bad way. In fact, the stories are well-written that I needed moments to digest at times at the horror that befell some of the characters in there.

The Floating Order is a collection of 19 short stories that revolves around children and the stuff they face; there's the mom who drowned her babies (which reminded me of the scene from Shutter Island; no wonder Leonardo's character went nuts!), a choir practice gone wrong, a dead girl inside a piano, a film camp that wasn't, and many more.

The stories start out almost harmless and you're pulled in by the magic weaved by Erin with her words and out of nowhere you realize "Oh, gosh!" I like Drift and how an earlier story, Park, is creatively mention in it as a  scary bedtime story about why kids should not talk to strangers. Digging made me thought of Hansel & Gretel and I would love to read on on why the mother did what she did and what happen to the children after.

An interesting read but don't expect happy endings. Some of the stories might even haunt you long after you're done with them.

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6 tots:

terrell teh said...

lol.. read this kind of book in Lunar July. remember dun simply open ur eyes while sleeping wo :p

Catherine said...

lol..not that type of haunting :P

anyway, none of the deaths (if any) took place in a bedroom; there's 1 in a piano - which I don't owned but I know someone who has one....want me to tell you the story? XD

Erin said...

Thanks for so many nice words, Catherine. :) Cheers!

Catherine said...

You're welcome! All the best in your writings! :D

Dandy said...

really kheng..u dont know the meaning of feeling scared hor.. must ask them to ajak u watch horror movie liao. heheh ohh btw, heard that repo man is a must watch? very nice movie lai.. XD

Catherine said...

its not ghost horror wert :P

repo man? what is it about? nice movie hmmm..you go watch then :P

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