Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 was the year

  • storms came and went. When it felt like darkness was descending, the skies cleared and light was seen at the end of the tunnel.

  • I watched movies that touched me, tickled me, teared me, thrilled me. Not to mention the countless series that literally got me eating out of the palm of their hands
  • that kicked off the smoothie craze and the breakfast-brunch project.
  • I saw 2 football matches - live! Though the intended person I was so looking forward to watch ended up just warming the bench.

  • I fell in love with Paris and Rome (and all place Europe). And spent a lot in the process too.
  • I felt more thankful than ever for being blessed with sights in order to be able to see the world & all her perfections and imperfections.
  • that I could cross out Ipoh from my places-to-visit list. Plus Penang truly has it all *winks
  • I paused and took a walk down memory lane via the emails in my Yahoo! inbox. And I realized life is a bunch of crossroads and we are different after each of them.
  • I had a taste of life on the business class
  • I had the opportunity to experience autumn in the States :)

  • I drove on the left side for the first time, messed up the wipers and the signal light switches along the way, but still survived going places without GPS
  • I met some great people that helped made life's journey a more pleasurable one
  • I spent Xmas night enjoying a cuppa @ Pavilion KL

  • I sorta made my 1st resolution ever ie to read all the books in queue. I managed only 10.
  • I played Guesstures with a bunch of friends right into 2010!
2010 is the year where there will be new discoveries, new experiences and perhaps even a few surprises in store. So let's put on our seat-belts and hold on tight as the show continues.

HaPpY NeW YeAR 2010!!

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Mindy said...

Can't imagine you drove there without GPS. I would not have survived. :P

Happy New Year to you too!~

Catherine said...

Thanks to the help of good roads and clear signboards as well as updated google maps :P

Happy New Year too! Cant wait to see your home-improvement project results ;)

Soo Huey said...

Happy New Year :)

Catherine said...

Still first wk of Jan so ok la, Happy NEw Year! :P
safe and sound in melb already?
take care and cya in a yr ;)

ELISA said...

Can't imagine how u survive driving on wrong side of road-I sometimes can't even cope with normal driving! Also USA motorways must be super complicated?

Catherine said...

haha, oh not complicated at all..their rd signs are pretty clear. try msia rd signs and u'll go crazy :P

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