Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Time Traveler's Wife - A Novel

It took me almost 3 mths to complete The Time Traveler's Wife - the novel. I watched the movie in Dec '09 and I knew how I said I'd moved the book up the queue to be read first. I even brought the book to work as my lunch read (my colleagues should be able to vouch for that) but I guessed things such as climbing up the Geo Challenge ladder (I'm still on top, right?) and the season-continuation of my oh-so-awesome-tv-series got in the way..

Or could it be for the first time a book failed to capture my attention?

I must admit progress was slow and a few times the corner of my eye even caught other books on the bookshelves beckoning me to pick them up and read them instead. Sadly I did strayed as well.

Perhaps my expectations had been set a little too high after watching the movie. Somehow the way the book went on and on being narrated by Henry and Clare alternately felt kinda draggy toward mid-span. The reason I finally finished the book was only because I purposely brought the book with me to Europe so it was the only reading material to pass the time in-flight/on-train.

And I so could not believe what happened between Clare and Gomez! Thank you for removing those scenes from the movie.

Oh btw Mindy, the ending in the book was interesting and creative but yeah, the one in the movie felt more romantic :P

-------------------------------------Spoiler alert!-------------------------------------------

The one major detail in the book that I felt surpassed the movie was the extend of Henry's injury that confined him to a wheelchair. To not be able to walk because you couldn't feel your legs can never be worse than losing the ability to walk because your feet were amputated! Such was how the book made it to be..shockingly horrible.


Overall, the book was enjoyable at the beginning but became less so toward the middle, and didn't quite went out with the big bang that I might had been anticipating.

My Rating:

Monday, February 01, 2010

Of Mornings Gone, Afternoon-Rots & Late Nites

Digested an entire 16-ep Korean series this week among others. Korean series/films have never been a favorite actually. Come to think of it maybe it was because there were no sources previously. Provide them and I'll most likely watch every series there is out there..

My Girl turned out to be quite nice although at the start, the girl seemed annoying. The guy was the cool type common in love dramas from Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Then there was this other girl and that other guy. The love triangle/square. But the chemistry between the main 2 casts was there making it an enjoyable series overall. Ooh, I'll love to experience snowy winters someday :)

The hermit crab in me finally crawled out of her shell this afternoon. Made use of the replacement holiday to take care of banking matters and as usual bill payments. I wonder why they don't make it a linked system at chim-bank. Imagine if you wanna cancel your credit card and activate another, they will need to call the KL HQ and have them do it for you. Or you can always call them yourselves. So it's kinda irrelevant to setup customer service counters, don't you think? Well guess what, there was no one at the end of line today.

Next, brunch @ Edo Ichi. Rainbow roll was nice. Complimentary scoop of green tea ice-cream too. Last day for the offer tho, the waiter informed. "Tomorrow they will be charged."

Lastly, or rather 2nd lastly, Fettes Residence is not your next upscale address for nothing. The units are HUGE (min 2k sqft). From the huge double main door right up to the 4+1 bedrooms and walk-in-wardrobe, impressive's the word. Equally impressive was the price. Starting at 875k with an additional 5k per floor, 35 floors in total. But unobstructed sea view only begins from 18th storey onwards. Surprisingly they have studio units too. 1 bedroom, 1k sqft. No surprise those units were all sold out.

Lastly, Gunners got thrashed by MU this morning. Oh yes, We are back! *grins