Friday, December 07, 2007


I watched Stardust - finally! Had been wanting to watch this eversince I first heard of it but never quite took the time out so luckily still managed to catch it (probably at the final screening) last Sunday @ 11.45am.

What is Stardust?
Stardust is based on Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name and stars Michelle Pfeiffer (wonderful, wonderful performance from her!), Robert De Niro, Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, and Sienna Miller just to name a few.

It is about a young man's quest to retrieve a fallen star in order to win the hand of his love, the beautiful but vain Victoria (Miller). Little does Tristan Thorne (Cox) knows that his adventure has just begin as beyond the walls of his village lies a magical realm where the star is not a mere rock but instead is a young woman named Yvainne (Danes).

Rarely or should I say, almost never do stars step foot on earth so when one eventually does, it most definitely never goes unnoticed. Lamia (Pfeiffer), an evil old witch, and her two equally evil sisters desire for eternal youth, beauty as well as power and to achieve that, they would need to consume the heart of a star. Thus, with the last piece of star's heart, Lamia sets out to capture the new star - not before first admiring her young body in the mirror! Meanwhile on his last breath, a dying king transforms a ruby into a diamond, sends it flying away into the night (which subsequently knocked Yvainne out of the sky), and leaves a final message to his surviving 3 sons - while their dead brothers looked on as ghosts - that whosoever managed to return it to a ruby shall be king.

As both Tristan and Yvainne battle to evade capture, they come into encounter with many characters, most notably the "notorious" Captain Shakepeare, who commands a flying pirate ship that captures lightnings. Most important of all, Tristan's quest changes as he discovers the meaning of true love and must now do everything to protect it...

What is Stardust?
Stardust is a charming fairy tale intertwined with dark, humorous, romantic, and exciting moments. Together with a great theme song by Take That, it's one magical adventure no one would want to miss...

Here's the theme song cum trailer for anyone who'd never seen it ;)

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P/S: On a different note...I tried JCO Donuts for the second time last Tuesday but had to queue for 1 hour this time only to find out in the hecticness of it all, they now limit the choices to only those that are already on display plus there's no more flower-shaped donuts, only ordinary ones...blimey!

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