Saturday, April 02, 2011

iPhone: Cut the Rope

Cut the RopeIt's been ages since my last game review. I used to play a lot of PC games but then it dwindled. There are just so much going on that games were sorta pushed down the priority ranks.

But not anymore. Not when I got an iPhone. You cannot begin to imagine the hundreds and thousands of games out there that you can play on-the-go and at any time of your convenience! I have even found myself playing games in the mornings while eating my breakfast *sheepish smile

The genre of games are massive. But if you are into iPhone games, I'm sure by now games like Angry Bird and Cut the Rope are household names.

Are you 3-Star material? :PI am not so sure about Angry Bird - not really my kinda game. On the other hand, I am a fan of Cut the Rope. It is an amazing, brain-tingling, patience-testing game with a totally cute interface. And cute is just not enough to describe Om Nom, the adorable monster thingy that appears in a box one day at your doorstep. It feeds on candy which you must, yes, "cut the rope" where it is hung on so that it drops into Om Nom's wide gaping mouth. Of coz to make it harder, you have to swing/cut the candy to get 3 bobbling stars in each level before dropping it to Om Nom to qualify for a 3-star expertise.

The main game comes with 6 boxes, each with its own theme and 25 levels. Naturally, moi's aim is not just giving the candy to Om Nom - its the 3 stars I'm aiming for (unlike a friend of mine who only played to go through the motions until I incepted her with the power of 3 stars!).

And since Thursday, I could proudly say I am an all rounder 3-star achiever *grins

Oh, and there's this free add-on where you get a holiday gift box with another 25 levels to complete. Also, did I mention how cute Om Nom is? Super duper adorable. Every single action/antics/emotions by Om Nom makes me go "awww.." I wouldn't mind such a pet..hey, just feed it candy only, rite? *winks

Adorable Om Nom

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4 tots:

Dandelion said...

hehe couldnt agree more. om nom is really cute and adorable especially with his sad face when he missed the candy.. i was like aawww, okie will give it another try and making sure he gets the candy... :P

ohh btw, i've completed holiday gift as well with all 3 stars!! hehe blueks!

Catherine said...

haha come on, if you can complete all the 6 boxes in the full app, holiday gift is jst a piece of cake :P

zewt said...

PC games... starcraft 2? :P

Catherine said...

erm..nope, nvr played that :P

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