Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 was the year

  • polka-dotted by many goods to the not-so-goods to the not-good-at-alls..
  • I co-authored a second advertorial that was again published in The Star.
  • cafes and restaurants became regular features in the quest to enjoy the perfect cuppa and delicacies, especially a particular mushroom quiche, salmon tartare as well as a certain "Taurus"..
  • I was ecstatic over my first Victoria Beckham sunglasses that I dedicated a post just for it ☺
  • with sporadic recipes and cooking sessions.
  • I found the bottled chili flakes for my spicy olio pasta so I no longer needed to rely on Domino's Pizza.
  • of iPhone games craze no thanks to super adorable OmNom of "Cut The Rope" fame; with a new category added to the blog for it.
  • yours truly got her Green Belt after sweating over the many measurements, charts, and tools that came prior to it.
  • of the Penang heritage trail with the girls so I could now proudly say, "Been there, done that!"
  • I attended the first George Town Literary Festival, and even got my "The Gift of Rain" book autographed by the author himself. 
  • I managed 10 books + 5 comics, registering a rise in my book-reading graph from 2009 & 2010. 
  • where there were so many new TV series incoming that I almost had a hard time allocating time for each yet somehow managed quite nicely..
  • of a number of weddings, including my only brother, cousins, and even one all the way in Phuket which was a definite first.
  • I looked back at the many good times we had as kids and realized how we'd all grown up in our own ways and the memories left bittersweet aftertaste..
  • I was caught by surprise at the occurrence of certain events that changed my perspectives and resulting in me threading ever so cautiously after..
  • I had to finally admit that some things or people were just not what they were portrayed to be, and that perhaps we had reached the junctions where we must part ways..
  • iPhone became a serious photography tool with albums for each day of the week, plus a new wide/macro lens to capture the small details in the big pictures ☺
  • with a couple of new found hobbies that I never would have thought about indulging in but was glad that I did.
  • a little bee decided to land on my neck and yes, it was better than her rabbit ☺
  • a few items were finally under my name for good.
  • I made some online purchases and I think I am a little hooked!
  • I had high teas at high places.
  • Damon and I were still misunderstood beings LOL
2012 is a year with much changes and blank pages...but while we are at it - perhaps throw in an Acacia as well as a pair of new shoes - let's take our strides to meet the new year ahead. C'est La Vie ~

HaPpY NeW YeAr 2012!