Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Some doors are not meant to be opened

Watched Coraline over the weekend and I loved it!

It's a stop-motion horror-fantasy film based on Neil Gaiman's novel. I can't recall where I first read about it but I knew right away I wanted to watch it. I even had the urge to buy the book beforehand but refrained myself as it was a pretty slim book but not with a "slim" price tag.

(Did I mention I'm quite a fan of Neil Gaiman's works and already own 4 of his books? I've also read the 1st volume of his famous Sandman series and would love to read more. No to forget liking his novel-turned-movie aka Stardust too.)

At first I thought Coraline would be somewhat the imagination of Coraline herself ala Pan's Labyrinth (which I also find very interesting) as they both shared similar secret-door-plots. Turned out it was all very real for Coraline. Refreshing indeed.

The stop-motion work looked super complicated but the outcome awesome; so much so that Coraline was a nominee of the Best Animated Feature in the 2009 Oscar. The story is well woven and you can totally feel the excitement, the awe, the funnies, and definitely the creepiness. I don't think I can look at rag dolls with buttons for eyes the same way again!

They even made the film in 3D but too bad I don't remember where I chucked my cardboard 3D glasses from  some Bug-Magazine heydays (Can anyone remember what the magazine was called? Came with pieces of fluorescent spider parts with each volume and you'd build yourself a giant fluorescent spider...) Anyways, what I wanted to say was I wouldn't mind re-watching it in 3D ☺

Lastly may this film be a warning to all; don't go opening secret, sealed doors -- if there were nothing to hide, they wouldn't have been sealed off in the first place!

And here's the trailer for you:

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terrell teh said...

woo..4.5 stars. From the trailer, the cartoon looks geli leh and somemore the buttons..ieeeee...dun think i will watch this in cinema :p

Catherine said...

it's a great creepy story..neil gaiman is a very good writer.

anyways, 2009 movie ler..don't think it ever made it to our cinemas even

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