Monday, September 13, 2010

When You Can't Pay

Artificial limbs, and ventricular assist devices (VADs); these are already available today. Now what if, in the near future, every organ in the human body has its artificial counterpart? Knee caps, corneas, ears, you name it, they've got it. And they not only come in different  types, they are better enhanced too. There's the different colored-eyes,or the ears that are more sound-sensitive. Heck, you can even plug in a headphone so your friend can join in the listening fun...

All these are made possible  in Repo Men which takes place in 2025 where everybody can go on living their lives like normal by just replacing worn-out/problematic parts/organs with bio-mechanical ones. Come on, "You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your family", right? That's the sales pitch..

But what they don't tell you is what's written in the fine print - payment. If you fall behind in your payments (most people do because mind you, the interest sky rockets year after year), a "repo-man" is sent after you to reclaim the organ. Just like if you fail to pay your car installments, you can bet it'll be towed away. Only in the former, its the organ they are repossessing and to get to it means they'll have to CUT you open. In most cases these results in d-e-a-t-h.

So what makes the movie an action-thriller? The action begins when one highly-skilled repo-man (Jude Law) gets fitted with an artificial heart (after what seemed like a malfunction accident) and suddenly finds himself unable to cut people open anymore. Not able to perform his job equals zero income equals overdue payments equals running away and hiding from other repo-men, one of which happens to be his best friend (Forest Whitaker), who takes his job rather seriously (so serious that he'll not think twice about cutting his own grandpa up if he needs to. His philosophy - "A job's a job." And....'ll have to watch the movie to find out what happens after.

Well, I'll tell you this much. It's 2 hours of adrenaline rush and blood and gore. It'll also have you in stitches. Can you imagine, I was laughing away at a bloody fight scene? You must think I'm psycho to lol when people are getting killed but you gotta watch it to be in my shoes. The gore and humor manages to go hand-in-hand really well. The ending also elevated the movie to another level and honestly it kinda caught me off-guard too.

A must-watch, I'd say. My 2 friends, who are no fans of horror/blood, clearly enjoyed the movie as well. Or perhaps their gore-acceptance level have gone up? Time to ask them to watch Devil next then *teehee

My Rating:

10 tots:

Dandelion said...

hehe nice leh... see, who should u thank now? :P yea, i enjoyed watching the movie except for the bloody and gory scenes!! *shudder

ohh, asking ur 2 brave frens for the next movie?? by all means, go ahead!! LOL blueks!

jun6 said...

Repomen,one of the movie bring out the situation will happen in our future, but certainly not that over as in the movie's.
Repoman is most innocent in the movie even though his best friend not really want to make the thing worst.
The last scene made me little touching that even his best friend 'betrayed' him, but in Repoman's heart, they are best friend still even though e'thing causing by his best friend.

tanshuyin said...

i watched it dee.
and yeah..the ending really caught me off-guard.

dont really like the ending though. but then it's actually thr highlight of the movie i think!

Catherine said...

hahah dandelion, u have me to thank for too for convincing you to watch it too...Devil next! :P

lol how can you be touched, if he knows what he'll end up as I don't think he would still think they are best friends..

ya shu-yin, ending totally changed the movie. But the funny dialogues and scenes were good too rite..did you laugh too at the last fighting scene? :P

Soo Huey said...

wtf!? i dont wanna watch the movie, but wanna know the ending!!!

Catherine said...

LOL you gotta watch the movie to really feel the impact of the ending! XD

Soo Huey said...

hehe. nvm, i googled n read the wiki :$

Catherine said...

hahahaah y ler u wanna read and not watch it..*tsk tsk tsk

Terry said...

REPO! The Genetic Opera guys. another movie of the same backbone story line, but musical :) here's the trailer :-

REPOMEN for this one, also a thumbs up for me. love the ending, but many did not like it.

Catherine said...

musical? I likey! hahha...let me know when you have it :P

yeah, the ending was a good twist..oh, i guess ppl wanted a happy ending, huh..

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