Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Case of the Missing Santa

Here's the full story for the Case of the Missing Santa, in case you have been following ;)

Dec 10th: The case file was opened when Santa was seen tied up on top of a log cake with a masked ninja standing in guard.

The search for missing Santa soon began...no one could imagine a bleak Xmas with no Santa.

All agents were out and about.
Dec 12th: Agent Penguin was spotted outside the Notre Dame, was Santa kidnapped in Paris??

Dec 19th: No mountains unclimbed, no stones unturned, no TEA undived in the quest to find Santa..

Dec 24th: And in the final hours before the clock struck 12am, Rudolph beat the enemies in time to rescue Santa...and all was well again!

Dec 25th: Rudolph gets the day off *winks

Have a Happy Rein-laxing Christmas!!

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