Monday, November 03, 2008

Sushi meal in Pictures

Finally I covered almost all the Japanese dishes that I usually go for. Of course there are still a lot of dishes out there, e.g tempura, temaki, unagi don, udon/soba and the list goes on. I would definitely love to try my hands on those but for now, I'm fine with the current variety. Plus they are easy to make and very filling too.

Below are some pix of the "full" set meal I made over the weekend for the whole family. Took me ~4 hours to get everything done and then some more to work the camera before digging in. And couldn't resist adding PS effects to the pix either :P

Click pix to enlarge.

Chawan Mushi Miso Soup
Chawan Mushi & Miso Soup

Can never run away from salmons :P

Sushi meal 1
Sushi meal with apple thrown in as dessert ;)

Sushi meal 2

Sushi meal 3 A good ol' cup of green tea
What's a sushi meal without green tea?

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mELbiEpiE said...

aIkS....I get really hungwee after reading your post this time~! Nice... you must bring me to makan makan them all puas puas can?? @_@

mELbiEpiE said...

*Ahem* MYing actually made these all.....@_@ Nonit to bring me go makan makan dee~! I can makan makan ar your house~!!!!!!!! TeeeHeee~

Ciyou said...

u actually did all of them by your selves? GENG~~

terrell teh said...

"ci mou ci yong" wo.. nice..
the puzzle photo oso sui.. :)

Catherine said...

haha bee..if there's RM2 promotion when u are back, I think we go for that first ...pheng, leng, cheng ma :P

haha thanx, ciyou :D

lol ks, after 4 hrs mst at least chi mou chi yong la else really cham d lo..thanx thanx :D

tanshuyin said...

MY...looks so delicious! :)

Catherine said...

Thanx, shu-yin! :D

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