Monday, August 27, 2007

Tech Support Funnies

Can't resist posting this one up.

Was having lunch with a bunch of friends today (one of whom works as a customer tech support by the way) when hilarious real-life tech support stories crept into the conversation. And here I'd thought such things don't happen save for comedies or just-for-laugh comics.

But believe it or not there are people out there who thinks a CD-ROM also works as a cup holder! So happily they put their Starbucks grande/venti (I think short/tall would just fall through the CD-ROM hole, though you can try it out to be sure =þ) in it when oops.. coffee spilt, something got short-circuited *poof, and who do they call to complain about "lousy" products? No rewards for guessing it right - tech support!

Isn't it absurd? Okay, you can argue that I think its crazy only because I am from a technical background while these people know nuts about what should/should not be done. But what about those who think that they can make calls on their computer just because they have a SIM card? Or - here's the ultimate one - those who think that their monitors HAVE touch-screen technology just because there is a fingerprint on the screen or because there is a cable connecting the monitor to the CPU? What's more they have the cheek to call in and demand why their touch screen is not working LOL! Here we give respect to our tech support gal (none of us believe we could last 3 hours attending to these type of calls while she's into her 2nd year or more) who could still asked the customer to switch off the monitor and touch a finger to the screen and hey, you see a fingerprint there too thus it doesn't mean you'll only see fingerprints when the touch-screen feature is on - when it isn't even a touch screen to begin with.

All in all, we have to give credit to these people for such creative imaginations and hats off to tech supports, you've attained the highest level of divineness..keke. Also guess the manual has to be more detailed next time such as showing a big cross over of an image of a CD-ROM holding a cup =þ. A friend said that's what they have in lightbulb boxes - Do NOT put light bulb into mouth - though beats me why would anyone wants to put a lightbulb in the mouth.

Have a similar story to share? Let me know =)

My Rating: -for a good laugh.

P/S: Found this comic strip when I was surfing around, thanx to User Friendly ;)

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