Saturday, October 30, 2010


One-man show.

But Ryan Reynolds manages to pull it through with a convincing performance and have the audiences (or was it just me?) in there with him in that ill-fated wooden coffin, sands, glow sticks, and all.

It is shows like this that brings the cynics out of us, or maybe it just reinforces it into us since most are probably somewhat cynical already. And you wonder if such cases are indeed happening. (Not to forget the very real head-sawing clip I'd seen once...) Totally sends shivers down the spine.

Recommended to watch. Storyline is pretty good, though not a pretty sight. Dialogues aren't bad and there are some actions too, involving a certain rattlesnake and mutilation. Plus a twist ending - which I'm a sucker of...

My Ratings:

"Peace not War"

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Dandelion said...

nice rite.. we were actually caught of guard at the beginning...thought something went wrong with the screening until i heard someone was breathing hard.. then cher, the movie was actually starting.. a good way to start i must say.. ahaha 1 thing that really tick me off... how could the company treat him like that?! CRUEL!!

jun6 said...

thumb up!!!low cost movie but attractive

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