Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolutions

Made any in 2008? Resolved any?

Making any for 2009?

I, for one, had never made one...dun think it'll be any different nxt year. But maybe I should; To read all the books in my long Q line by this day next year (added 2 more when I was at Kinokuniya last week) *crosses fingers*

Happy New Year 2009!!

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Eng Seng said...

Happy New Year 2009 to you too!

Also, wishing good luck and all the best to Motorola... It's so nice having you all the way here in KL fully sponsored =)

tanshuyin said...

aiks..u've never made any new year resolutions before in ur life?

aiyah..nvm difference. i alwiz end up not fulfilling them! hehe

happy 2009!

Catherine said...

All the best to you too! :)

haha shu-yin, so ur this yr's resolution is to be the bestest mum ever rite? this one i'm sure u'll fulfill it! ;)

Mindy said...

Happy New Year!~~

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