Friday, August 24, 2007

3 celebrations, 1 occasion

Wow..what a happening week!

Bday cake #1Bday cake #2Bday cake #3

Mouth-watering sate & lambIt all began on Saturday nite (Aug 18th) as we gathered at Peen's house for a night of BBQ-ing cum retouching base with a bunch of ex-skoolmates. Plenty of food, quite a few bottle of wines, a number of beers, and countless camera clicks later, we realized it was 1am Sunday morning. Karen then brought out a cake to celebrate the bdays of July & August babies (Shuey, Ee Lyn, Mei Fang, yours truly.) Too bad Ee Lyn left early (another function at QEII) while hardworking Mei Fang was still at WORK! Well, Shuey and I were kind enough to blow the candles on their behalf =þ

After Ritz rich chocolate cake, ppl started leaving for the night (or day) while Shuey, Pat and I remained since we'd agreed earlier to drop Shuey off at the airport at 6am. With Pat cold & half asleep, Shuey bz packing (& searching for our souvenirs), the night took a different twist when Peen started feeling unwell! Worried she could get worse, we drove (being the one only fully awake with almost zero alcohol in the system, naturally I was behind the wheel =þ) her to a 24-hour clinic at 4am, and straight to the airport after. [Shuey, hope it wasn't too pitiful having to wait 2+hours by yourself..we'll see you again in Oct!] The day officially ended when I left for home at 7.30am after an hour of sleep on Peen's cold hard floor (Nah..only Pat said it was cold, though no dispute on the hard part lol)

The aftermathFast forwarded to Tuesday (Aug 21st). It was a longer-than-usual tea break when colleagues had a cake prepared to celebrate yours truly's birthday. Eden's blueberry cake..hmm certainly a fresh taste from the usual chocolate and cheese cakes. Most notable is the smiling face on the cake...Nice. Didn't notice it? Scroll up and look carefully

Moving on to 7pm where its dinner with another bunch of friends. Nothing fancy but delicious meal nonetheless with dishes ranging from fried calamaries to steamed fish Teochew-style, from marmite pork to claypot tofu..mmm just mentioning the dishes are enough to want to eat them again. After the cake-cutting ceremony (Jenny's White Mud Belgian) as well as prezzie-unwrapping session (love the 2-in-1 GAP tote!), we proceeded to Upper Penang Road for a cuppa since it was still early..

My lunch for the next 2 days!That was when the night really started! We decided to try this new place called S2 (new as in none of us had ever been there,) which had a very interesting concept - record and make your own CD of songs. For a bill of 50bucks, you are entitled to a free membership (10% discount on F&B) which gives you access to recording studio kinda booths where you can record up to 17 tracks and burn them for 5 bucks. No time limit nor song limit because you can delete any songs and either re-sing or choose another number any time. What more the next time around, you only need to order 1 drink and hey you get another 17 tracks! Way, way, way cheaper than your neighbourhood karaoke. And trust me, you are put on a waiting list for an unoccupied booth but don't expect to get it soon - yes, nobody leaves a booth until perhaps an hour after they first went in. We almost gave up and left when finally an empty booth surfaced and we couldn't resist giving it a try. Certainly our BEST decision of the night!

Well, the collection of songs might be a little limited (who knows they might update once in a while) and you could only hear tunes with headsets on (since it was meant for you to record songs like you're some "real" artist) but no one said you couldn't have 5 people in a booth, 3 simply singing along to imaginary tunes, all in the name of good, harmless fun! Which was exactly what we did lol..we purposely selected outrageous songs that we normally DON'T sing - think sabai-sabai by Thongchai McIntyre, guys singing Oops, I did it again & My Hump, while girls sing Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - and before we knew it, it was 2am and our jaws as well as stomachs were aching from the constant laughing. We only managed 13 tracks though but it was an awesome night. I think we had never laughed that much in one night LOL!

You might think with 21st finally over my sleeping time would return back to normal but I had to cap it off by waking up at 2.30am on Thursday (Aug 23rd) for the craziest purpose some of you might say but very sane to me lol.. England vs Germany! Though they lost and 2nd half was actually kinda boring...but hey it was quite satisfying because Becks was there the entire game that I've posted this up, I'm contented to go back to my rot-at-home lifestyle, thank you.

My Rating: Isn't it obvious? A pro photographer for our BBQ shots, a passionate chef-to-be for all our grilling needs, delicious food/cakes, wonderful friends, lovely prezzies, and most important of all an absolutely fabulous time, what more do I need? (Well...I don't mind having a couple more stuff but that is a different story.)

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday.., what birthday gift u have this yr..:>

Anonymous said...

First personal entry?
Nice cakes though

Catherine said...

Hey, every entry is personal wert. They are abt games I played, shows I watched, song I listened, hotel I stayed. See..everything has an I to it, what's more personal than that? =þ


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Anonymous said...

Where're the other barbecue photos? I wanna see some nice photos =P

Catherine said...

In my friendster..though in collages ;)

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