Friday, June 05, 2009


Flyfm listeners, did you hear the FixIt today? I din catch the actual conversation until the replay in the evening. For those non-followers, Flyfm has this section every morning where ppl call in and the DJs try to "fix" their problems, hence the name FixIt. Anyway this morning's prob kinda created a buzz since it hit the basic of problems - genders.

Anyway here's how the story goes. Josephine called in to complain abt her colleague, Timothy for gender discrimination. They both worked in an advertising company and they have this Sports brand project to work on. As a team, they were supposed to be brainstorming together and so J provided her ideas when T told her that they will not be using any of hers. Instead he asked her to sit out of the meeting. Reason being she is a girly girl whom he assumed would not have any idea what sports were. Even if she did, it'd be limited to those hot hunks aka the beckhams, the kakas, etc. While on the other hand, T had been involved in sports since young; he played sports, he watched sports; basically everything sports.

J of course was furious but the entire team were guys except her and they obviously agreed with T. Worse, she escalated to a male boss who just ask her to forget about it, maybe T really did know more when it came to sports. So she resorted to calling a radio station and confront T. T could not believed she took it to such an extend but stated his points - she being a girly girl was not suitable to handle this project.

"You can take all the biscuits, cookies adverts you want but just leave the sports project to the guys"

J gave T back an example, if it was a fashion brand project, did that mean she can leave T out? Hah.. but T said "I will let you handle BUT I will give my inputs". Hey hey, then shouldn't they allow her to give her inputs as well when it comes to a sports advert instead of not getting to participate at all?? Where's the fairness in that? So in the end the DJs asked her what she wanted and she said all she wanted was an apology.

"Apologize for what, apologize for you being dumb?"

Yup, that was T's reply. The DJs then said they can settle this between themselves later on but at least they felt T did owe her an apology. Come on, you can't call ppl dumb on air, right? So T reiterated that he couldn't believed J took it to such an extend but ok fine, "Sorry, whatever" and hung up!

So what do you think? Well, J may not know all things abt sports but there's such things as research and teamwork. Just because she is a girl does not mean she can't handle the project. [And when one DJ said not all guys follows every sports, the DJ himself only watches synchronized swimming..oh but T thinks its ok becoz synchronized swimming IS also a sport..*duh] Obviously the guy has some issues with girl+sports. And honestly some girls are into sports too. Otherwise there wouldn't be such a word as SPORTSWOMEN around now, would it?

I wonder if secretly that's the truth :)

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CK said...

gender discrimination i think... heard it this morning on my way to work.....

Soo Huey said...

i don't think T follows sports...

Nicol David. (need i say more?)

btw, in malaysia, i believe sports brands sell more products to the fashion conscious than to the sporty!

Catherine said...

yeah, exactly..

oh i forgot T also mentioned sth abt some sports..he said the champion is not ur mum or my mum, but its a man..*duh

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