Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Avril ROCKS Kuala Lumpur

I still remembered the first Avril Lavigne's concert I attended - in Singapore (coz it was cancelled in Malaysia at the last minute!) - back in 2005 where I had a superb time. And when I heard she was schedulling a concert in Kuala Lumpur this time around, I did not think twice about getting the tix. Mine was the most expensive even which from the floor layout would have me nearest to the stage :D ...Only thing that worried me was all the tix were free standings/sittings (except those lucky VIPs with numbered seats right in front of the stage of coz)

Tickets!!Just 1 week before the much-awaited day, there was a big hoo-hah that the concert was cancelled. Even prestigious news website carried the headline "Avril too sexy for Malaysia". Sexy?! What?! Since when is Avril's dressing sexy?? As far as I know she was always the rock chick. Lucky thing the concert still got the green light in the end - I do not want to delve into what might be the reason for the turnaround but haha my fellow friends whom I've discussed this with should know how to read between the lines ;)

The day/nite itself was very eventful. I reached the venue at 4pm and there were already a number of people sitting outside the entrance so I joined the crowd. Alas, the entrance was facing west which meant the setting sun was shining directly at it... which also meant that I was slowly being melted away as I waited. By 6pm the crowd had built up, spilling over the stairs into the parking lot. We were allowed in at 7pm and as expected, there was some jostling and pushing from behind to squeeze into the small gate. Everyone that went through just started sprinting immediately towards the field in order to grab the best positions. Lucky#1, I managed to get to the "front-est" possible *phew. In front of me were just the VIP seats so no one was going to BLOCK me! *YAY

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At least now I was spared from the scorching sun but wait a minute, I tot I sawTaken after the concert ended dark clouds gathered. Darn, I braced myself for the rain to come. Lucky#2, the organizers distributed disposable rain coats and Lucky#3, the rain stopped before the concert kicked off. A heavy downpour might just drowned out Avril's voice..horror of horrors. I still had my raincoat on as I feared it might rained again but midway into the concert, I had to ripped it off..it was too stuffy and I was sweating like mad. LOL in the end, I was drenched with/without the rain.

The show officially began at 9pm. Avril was awesome, belting out 17 songs in total which included her most famous hits from all her 3 albums. Avril rocked and serenaded the crowd with songs like Complicated, Hot, Girlfriend, Happy Ending, When You're Gone, Innocence, Best Damn Thing, and ended with Sk8er Boi as the encore. Before I knew it, it was 10.30pm and it was time to bid her goodbye.

When You're Gone
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Awesome night, awesome performance. Worth the sun, worth the rain. Can't wait for her to drop by our shores again :)

Check out some of the clips that I managed to record down albeit blurry but better than nothing, ya? :P (If the videos are not loading, click on the links to go directly to the site where they are located)

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Eng Seng said...

So did Avril really cut loose or did she noticably tone down her performance?

Anonymous said...

cool..... most expensive tix... wow....

Catherine said...

erm I'm not sure how "ooomph" Avril usually performed elsewhere but if I were to compare this to the one I went to in Spore, I think they are about the same; she sang songs, played instruments, and just had 2 costume changes...

haha I'm not sure if that is toned down to you..were u expecting some guitar smashing, cursing performance? :P

keke CK, it's been 3 years ma..somemore not sure will see her again or not :P:P

Ciyou said...

Cool~~ finally they didn't cancel the concert afterall.

You are such a big fan of her seens last time.

Catherine said...

haha yeah, luckily they din cancelled..else have to go thru the hassle of refunding, etc :S

keekek her songs nice wert ;)

mELbiEpiE said...

Hehehe~ MYing went all the way to KL to watch Avril a~ If its *Hok Yao*, I'll fly all the way to Penang and go to KL with you, okok?? ;)

Catherine said...

haha bee, sure bo? all the way from melb for hok yao's concert? that will be so crazy and awesome!

okok, I'll keep a lookout to see if he'll come and will definitely inform u...hah just imagining going to concert with u also exciting d LOL..if it really happens 1 day, it'll be FAB! =D

mELbiEpiE said...

*_* Nod, Nod, Nod, *EXCITED*

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