Sunday, June 06, 2010

Thanks For The Tip

Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip--Confessions of a Cynical Waiter (P.S.)

We've all heard of horror stories of what might go into your food - or where your food might have been to before ending on your table - if you so much as irked the person who served you...

Let me tell you; they are TRUE! 

So don't ever be nasty to them, just sit at the designated tables rather than insisting on some "feng-shui" table with a big RESERVED sign on it already.

I've never worked in the service line but apparently according to Dublanica, each server even the kitchen staff have their life-stories. No one in their mind would have imagined themselves working as a permanent waiter/waitress in their late-thirties to begin with.

Even the customers have theirs too. Don't think for a second there's no one else hearing in on your conversations in a restaurant. Of course, they're probably unintentional. Still don't be mentioning about killing someone either *winks

Oh, if you think you have some tricks up your sleeves to earn a free meal or some compensations by feigning food poisoning, think again. 

If you're sure you're not being ripped off during special occasions like Valentine's Day, then just recall if you'd ever had a special Valentine's Day meal that tasted superbly delicious? No? Then you'd been ripped off!
The food many kitchens prepare on that holiday are often items they make only a couple of times a year. If your chef hasn't had the practice of making the same dish day in and day out, your entree's probably going to taste like...
And the biggest myth of all; you know how we always joked that we'll just wash the dishes if we do not have money to pay the bill, haha it will never happen!

P/S: The book comes with  tips on how to be a good customer, ways to tell if you're working in a good restaurant, details to spot to raise an alarm about the cleanliness of a restaurant, and etc.

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