Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BirdieSays "Win a Mug!"

Read this post by Ciyou featuring cute hand-drawn mugs. Better still, the artist herself is giving away a free birdie mug! All you need to do is to write a post about the giveaway, linking to her post of coz while selecting your favourite mug. She will randomly select a winner (or two) at the end of the due date and voila, the lucky winner gets a free mug!

I think it's really sweet and nice of her to even think of giving away her beautiful mugs in the first place. So I went to check out her site and boy, is it super cute! She is one talented lady with portfolios ranging from blog designs, website designs, logo and stationeries amongst others. I am awed at how the wonders of the world wide web can link everyone together and allow us to discover lovely stuff we'd never thought existed, sometimes unexpectedly. A case of Serendipity at its best!

Having said that, I ought to give the hand-drawn mug giveaway a try :). Here's my favourite; "Just For Princesses" :D I find it really cute and girlie. The lil princess holding a birdie, the color scheme and the fonts just go perfectly together..

Want to try your luck? Check out her post here for more details :)

Meanwhile, I'm off praying hard and hopefully this birthday gal here might just have a teeny, weeny bit of luck :P (hehe yup, the clock's just strucked 12am!)

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